Wastelands Speed Painting?


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I figured I'd post this here since its art related.... I've been a huge fan of MK art ever since I first played original MK in the arcade as kid. I even love the art of the machines themselves. Got the new MK for my PS3 and it's better then I could have ever imagined. I especially like looking at the art that's unlockable in the Krypt. I'm fond of one picture in particular. I believe the title is "Wasteland Speed Painting 1". I'm pretty sure its image 102 or 103 in the environment art section of the Nekropolis. The image is more reminiscent of the original wasteland from MK2. I want to make this image the wallpaper for my PS3 and laptop but I can't find it anywhere. I've scoured the net and still no luck. I was thinking maybe someone on here could help me locate it. I've found the image of the new Wasteland from MK 2011 among others like The Pit and Dead Pool. I just can't find the speed painting. Any help- a link or an idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks