Favorite win/loss action


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Since every character has their own unique action between rounds like Noobs shadow laugh when he wins and bouncing out of that black liquid when he loses or Ermacs grabbing and popping of a soul after a win ect..... My favorite has to be Quan chi smashing that skull in his hand. I was just wondering if anyone else has a favorite or if other people even pay attention to them?

Shirayuki Mizore

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Johnny Cage. The simple "Oh yeah." So show offy and so epic.

I also like Kitana's fan toss and then the catch.

Stryker reloading is pretty sweet along with the "Punk."


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Liu Kang looks beast when he does the teleport thing

Kitanas fan toss

Sub Zero's freeze dance thing

Johnny Cage's "oh yeah!"

Mileena touching herself


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Reptiles awkward entrance, it's even more funny with his MK1 costume. Oh oh and every time I see Cyrax, I imagine my hp being gone in one net after hearing safeties disabled. I dont pay attention to character selection, I just do random select.


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Stryker's in-between
Both of johnny cage's
I think sheeva's final victory pose it funny.
Kano in-between rounds

Other MKs:

Johnny Cage: mk1&2
Sub Zero: mk 1,2 and unmasked 3, basically if his one arm is up.
Goro in mk1
Raiden in mk2
Scorpion in mk2
Kano mk1.