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  • YEEEEEEEEEEEES! The Cop fight scene was SUPER HYPE. It wasn't like that in the comic, sadly, but the Flame thrower idea was hella sick and seeing him use that grapple made me wet...

    I'm sorry, I can't get enough of Rorschach, he's such an amazing character. I never cared for Anti-Heroes and Heroes in general until I met Rorschach..

    I honestly think his Journal was explored, but not fully analyzed because if the cops couldn't break it down, I believe the young reporter couldn't either. I think the truth was exposed because John teased the future at the end of the Comic. So in the end, Justice was served. That was Rorshach's main goal.
    Lmao, Don't judge me.. But I thought Question was Rorschach when I first started watching the motion comic. :laugh:

    Adrian? Ehh, I loved his back story because he started from the bottom twice and still managed to become successful, and that motivated me to do better to become successful because you don't always have a second chance to have a comfortable living. I'm still struggling to drop my Laziness and procrastination but that comes with time of practice, but his prospective of realism was a lot different from Rorschach's, Still cool, but he was sane and not insane like Walter was.

    Dan was a puss, end of story. But he did have the balls to fugg Laurie, so I give him that. No! Edward was cool, I hated him at first too. But when Rorschach explained why he acted that way changed my whole point of view towards the character. He was a parody of human nature, the ultimate Joke. Second best Anti Hero in the entire comic (Schach comes first :love: No homo )
    Double post..

    The Question? Never heard of that guy, I'll look him up today. You didn't like Edward Blake?! Get out of my face, son. He was the text book definition of a realist, Him and Rorschach. Dr. ManHat was kinda back and forth with loving or disliking Humanity which made him a cool character and the fact that Rorschach called him out in the end was so cool, Laurie was OK.. She just bished a lot, which was kinda lame. Dan was a straight up PUSS, I hated him will all my guts at the beginning, He's was too much of an idealist, I dislike that in characters.
    It will happen one day my friend, Just wait.

    Yes! He did an amazing Job acting as Rorschach, and I haven't read the comic but I watched the Motion comic (Which is basically the same thing, but I wouldn't mind reading the real thing). I think the Movie did a better Job with the ending than the Comic did, but the Comic was better overall though. I really want to read Before Watchmen the prequel comic showing more back story to the characters. I read a digital copy of Rorschach #1 but I need more
    Cause, we're now in a world of Low tiers.

    So am I, I'm looking forward to see the Top tier kids complain on TYM it's going to be funny reading some of their posts. :rofl:

    Have you ever read Watchmen? :O
    Oops. I meant to reply to this but I saw it on my phone and then forgot lol.

    I'm pumped as fvck for DA: I. I think it's going to be a lot of better than DAII.
    It wasn't that bad though, if Lex can get in on him ANYONE could. Except Bane, he's horrible.

    Bad? It's horrendous, everyone is out for blood. I'm afraid to post in ANY thread TBH, they're all assholes. I just lurk in the Catwoman forum to search for new Tech.

    Ehhh, I spend about an hour in training mode with my Character and just do whatever comes to mind.. Combos of course, Hit confirming, Set-ups, Resets, Mix-ups.. Etc..

    EG Chris G?! I love it, but I don't really care for anyone who's EMP except for Kbrad, Sanford, and Dieminion. The rest are lame IMO.
    Pre-patch guns were kinda broken, lol. He had fullscreen frame traps, Low guns xx Standing guns. I didn't get a chance to mess around with Post patch guns, and I wanted to play Slade.

    I know nothing about the character, sooooo yea.. Eww, TYM? That place is for drama queens and salty "High Level" players who demand characters to be nerfed or banned. Kinda wish they would treat the game like SF where if it's there, it's just there instead of crying for change. They're not letting the game breathe, but I still want to play Injustice again.

    2 hours?! Damn son, Dat dedication. Have you played offline yet?

    Yea, I read about that on Event hubs and that's lame.. EMP is OK, but I think he can find a better sponsor. EMP is crazy..
    Nah, he's still good. I think the nerf worked out in his favor, allowed people to explore the character.

    LOL! Sanford is cool. He mains Sagat.

    Good, I'd rather take Bullets to the knee than lasers on my head.
    Oh, Ok.

    I see how it is now, you didn't start changing until the day you picked up Death Stroke. I guess it's true, Tiers change people... :cry:
    Ok, I'll listen to you this time.

    and no? Lol, a few new characters and Chris. and Ikr? The game looks Godly, and Rachel is playable in Raid mode.
    Dammit, You know me too good and true I can always borrow the game back.

    No! She belongs to me, and only me.. You phagbag :mad:

    I like to Mobility, it's soooo much better lol. I want a FOV slider again though and I'll be satisfied.

    The girl you're talking about is Rachel, I don't know much about her but I think as the game unfold you'll learn more about her or either there will be a folder about her.
    I honestly can't decide between Revelations and Injustice :cry:

    HEY! Jill is mine :mad:

    Dat ass.. and Dat pirate costume.
    Thanks for the info, but I'm horrible at Meter management in the Demo against bots, then again I don't plan on maining Bat so why bother learning his meter BnBs and what not. Everyone does insane damage in Injustice (Except Hawk Girl :laugh: ) It's crazy man, Almost all the cast can pull of 40%+ with one bar.I don't really care for MAX damage. I'm fine with 30%+ with a nice set up to open people up, again.

    You're practicing that D+1 xx Ice Arrow mix up?

    Infiltration is secretly from North Korea, he's downloading the smartest FGC players in 'Mericuh and then North Korea is going to launch a huge assault at EVO13. Top 8 North Koreans in every game.

    I didn't see that :(

    The stream monsters had me rolling through out most of the tournament, and did you watch MK9?
    Who are you, Regime Superman? :lol:

    Nah, It requires meter to do it and isn't meter important for bursting (Clashing)? And I never digged through the KF forum, just looked over a few of her normals and stuff like that to get a general idea of her playstyle and such.

    Shut the hell up, I gotta keep it a secret, they mustn't know :(

    Arrow looks solid, that D+1 into trait mix up is God like man, but it's weird knowing you have to jump and shoot for it to be a low lol.

    I watched Top 4 of AE and Top 4 of Marvel on Spooky's stream, and Indeed the Civil War matches are Godly. I love the match between Alukard and that Kev guy who gets hyped over a small win.
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