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  • Dammit Ray, You typed a long though out analytical post, and I feel like an ass type a short response to such a long message.

    Well, The KF section isn't Dead dead, but I haven't seen any NEW threads with tech. Most of the discussion revolves around 2 threads. The match up thread and the Set ups/BnB threads. I want to pick up Frost but I don't want to leave Catwoman alone, You get what I mean? I'm trying to put all my focus towards one particular character for a month of two, then as the game evolve and I have solid fundamentals and a decent neutral game, I can branch off, making it easier to pick up a new character/Playstyle.

    I've been watching 16 Bit's Kitana and he's pretty Godly with her, It's kinda ironic because he was a Kitana player and I'm a Mileena player so I'm learning from a good player of my most hated character. (Them fans and that godlike D+1)
    Lmao, I have a few flashy Mileena combos in MK9. I only used them against scrubs though, She has this B3+2 Loop that she could do 3 times for some decent damage.

    In the Demo, WW could do 44% of a standing 1 into super Lol. I heard Shazam was shit tier in the final build, but before release he was broken as hell. Guaranteed command grab? Sounds broken as Fvck, and how are wake ups weird? I thought they were the same as in MK9?

    The Catwoman thread has some useful info in it, I was going to drop Catwoman and choose Killer frost instead, but the Killer frost section is dead compared to the Catwoman forum.
    Yea, but I've been lurking on TYM for my combos though.
    Most of the ones they post end with her F2+3 that sets up Oki/ Mix ups, so I'm trying to stay away from the stylish Youtube combos.
    I gotta buy the capture card next, that's about another 25 bucks lol.

    I'm sticking with Catwoman :love:
    20 bucks saved up for Injustice 8)

    Gotta another 25 coming in next week, and then I have 11.56 in Store credit at gaystop.

    56 bucks in all, Gunna buy that shit used!
    Lmao, So you wasted your time saving up for that book.. Wow.

    I think I've seen the full thing in Catwoman combo videos, and COOL DOWN?!! LAME!! She's Z+ Tier because of that! She needs Unblockable infinites like the Joker.

    Damn son, Lol, Marvel are buttholes.

    I hate to say this, but you're right. Harley's Alt shits on Catwoman's, and yea I knew that, I never had a problem with Negative edge though in MK9.. Unless I was playing with Rain, the worst thing.. Ever.
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    In his settings he added some color correction, and saturated it just a tad.

    Thats..... Cool... and.. Complicated? Lol, so it's kinda like Mileena's Neck bite and EX Neck bite?

    Yusssshh! Dat Selena ass :yumyum:

    I thought Shazam's name was Captain Marvel o.o
    LOL! Ray with the God like reads, how'd you know I was laughing at that story? :rofl:

    And I a few Quality tests of that card on Youtube, and I can work with that and it's cheap too. <---- Best Quality test I've seen so far of it, and I can tweak some of his settings to make it look better.

    Doesn't her trait add damage to her combos or something like that? I haven't read anything about her yet, but I seen a few of her strings and frame data and she's Mileena on steroids?! Instant Main..

    Now I need that Arkham city costume..
    Well, Since I really have no real source of income and my Mom is kinda iffy about buying me video games, I asked my Pastor if I could do odd jobs around the church to save up some money and I'll continue to do them even after I get Injustice just to have extra money in my pocket if DLC hits or just to buy other stuff (Hopefully a cheap capture card) He said it was ok, and he'll contact me whenever he has a Job for me.


    Uhmm.. Selena Kyle :love:
    The eloquent side of him is cool, I can't stand the ghetto side though.

    Yea... She rarely gives out money, I'll try to convince her to give me an allowance again.

    I dunno, I want injustice, but at the same time I don't.. It's weird..

    Lmao, Xbox needs trails like that. I'd play EVERYTHING..
    Lmao, PDP Sticks? Dude, aren't they under or over AGE? Screw that! Who likes AGE? Chris G was cool until he joined them, and I never liked Fanatiq because he's a drama queen.. <_<

    Yea, I really hated the characters they chose for the demo.. I only played as Batman because I dislike Wonder Woman, and Black men in Metal suits are lame.

    Revelations is going to be 50 bucks, and it's nothing but a 10 dollar difference and I bet she bishes about that too..
    I was just curious, and I'm not getting Injustice anytime soon for my 360 :C

    Money is kinda scarce on my side, and if I do get any it has to go towards RE:Revelations.. I'm scared to ask my Mom to buy Injustice for me..
    Aye hoe, Do you still play SFxT? and dude, Fugg Microsoft and the 720! PS4 >>>>>> 720.
    HIS MY FAVORITE TOO,he is kickazz,MGS1 Was his prime,2 he was more cool,but only got too play him for like 1 hour of the game,and MGS 3 is big boss time :)<,and 4 yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaa his not so cool...his old
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