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  • LOL, not really and in fact, we got a chance to play as those people in MK:A and it was a disaster :|.
    Hey, Ill gladly answer dude :).

    Ever since MK4, I missed the whole "throwing controller at the wall, getting frustrated, and then finally jumping for joy feeling from beating the boss". Ever since MK4, they made the bosses playable and in a sense, degrading them. Bosses are meant to be beaten, hence the title "boss". Therefore I am happy they are attempting at bringing me back to that feeling.
    Well you've got a good point there. I can relate to that. It's not that I nuy every new Madden game every year,but it's still the best way for me to go to actually play football. Thanx for you opinion dude.
    Hey dude.

    I've got a question. What's wrong with Madden ? I like to play these games. (To each their own eh ?)
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