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  • Hi Neo!!

    Too bad PSN is down but it is suppose to go back up today. Been working on my offline trophies and then playing some MKT in between, lol.
    Take your time, that is far more important than TRMK. You are always welcome here any time you are ready =)
    Aww, sorry to hear about that, hope everything works out in the end. If you need to talk, I am always available, if you are comfortable with it =)
    Hey Neo, you have been quiet on the boards lately, I bet it's because you're playing KoF night & day :)
    Hey Neo!!

    I love R. Mika! I am a big wrestling fan so it was only natural for me to like her, lol. Such a great character, I wish she had made it to SF4.
    It's not the game itself as much as the way it's represented each yr. I probably should have worded it a bit better. It seems like its the same thing every year (minus some new features) and new players. I kinda think, why not release one copy of Madden and charge for updates, you know? I always play Madden at a friends house and think, why would I pay $60 USD for basically an update, you know? It's probably just me.
    Yea I heard about KoF XIII, I was expecting it to be released for PS3 soon though... I gave my Neo Geo to my cousin who wanted to dive again in the 90'. I also heard about SNK Playmore's financial difficulties which were expected due to their loyality to the 2D sprite era. They shouldn't wait too long before the release of KoF XIII home edition, it might give them a money boost.
    Hi there Neo,

    Yea, I used to be a big Neo Geo fanatic, mostly because I love Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. I miss the 2D sprite games era ...
    I hope everything turns out for you too. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm a good listener!
    I love it here. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it's a great diversion from my real life. Stuff's been kinda rough for me lately so it's nice to have somewhere I can go to get away from it all. I plan on staying for a long time, even after the new MK launches.
    Nice to meet you too, Neo! The RX-8 is my favorite car. I'm also crazy about Datsun (any kind), '69 Charger, Pontiac Solstice, and Lotus Elise.
    I remember all of them! Sadly, they don't post here anymore, unless they have returned under new names,but I doubt it.

    I LOVE the 80's!
    Hey Neo, no worries, hope everything works out for you! I was busy myself for some time and things are slightly quieting down (though only in the real world, not here at TRMK).
    Hey dude, I wasn't sure if you were going to log in again! It's getting quite busy around here (finally, lol)
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