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  • Good job, I am on like 2 hours clean! Jk, it has been like 3 years. No more 7 day parties for me! Either way, keep it up, 1127 unite!
    I agree with you 110%. A lot of people though, in this community, are jerks. And that's quite unfortunate. If we had more attitudes like the guys who are in the SF community, I think we'd be a lot better off. Unfortunately we don't. And that's really sad, because we have a real chance at getting this game out there now with all of this hype / press for MK. What a bummer. :(
    Yup lol that's what that little + does. I'm currently defending the crap out of the Arcade Kollection. Some people are so spoiled, I swear that if Ed Boon delivered a brand new MK 1, 2, and UMK3 arcade machine to their door personally with all the rest of the MK cast, that people would STILL *****. This community is small and getting smaller and dying for a reason: people just have no respect. It's crazy brotha!
    Thanks for the rep dude, the videos made me lol so I thought, "Why not turn them into gifs" lol. I can send you the youtube link for the actual videos if you want; hearing them talk makes it so much funnier imo.
    aha, thanks, it's from a year ago and I photoshopped the MK mask and headband onto it, lol (but you probably knew that already)
    ya what can I say??? I am so shocked that happened, seeing how the Pats smoked every team in the playoffs!! What r u gonna do......for once i am a steelers fan!! haha go ben!
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