Mortal Kombat: Deception

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Ashrah Baraka Bo' Rai Cho
Dairou Darrius Ermac
Kabal Kobra Mileena
Nightwolf Scorpion Sub-Zero
Goro Havik Hotaru
Jade Kenshi Kira
Li Mei Liu Kang Noob-Smoke
Raiden Shao Kahn Shujinko
Sindel Tanya


  • Origin: Outworld
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Allies: Shao Kahn
  • Foes: Baraka, Kitana
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Fighting Styles: Shokan, Kuatan
  • Weapon Name: Dragon Fangs


Kitana's army allied with my Shokan warriors in an attempt to destroy my old master, Shao Kahn. It was rumored that he has weakening and that our victory was inevitable. During the last battle against Kano's milita, however, I was attacked from behind by a shadow warrior, Noob Saibot. I do not know for how long I lay dying on the battlefield, but when I regained consciousness, I was greeted by the last person I expected to see...


Goro had regained control of his Shokan army and fought to cleanse Outworld of the Dragon King's Tarkatan Horde. Though the Tarkata are formidable adversaries, they were no match for an army of Shokan, inspired as they were by regaining Shao Kahn's favor. Baraka's troops were quickly defeated. Goro had proven himself a powerful ally of the Emperor. But Shao Kahn had given the Shokan much in his return to power. Goro felt a gift of loyalty was in order. The Edenian military had been crushed and Kitana herself had been captured. Goro brought her before Shao Kahn and sacrificed her as an offering of fealty to the once and future emperor of Outworld.

How to Unlock

Gamecube Only!
No need to unlock

Special Move

  • Ultimate Force: D , B + A1
  • Spinning Slaps: D , F + A2
  • Tremor Pound: U , D + A3
  • Leaping Stomp: D , U + A3

Style 1 Move

  • Shokan Jab: A1
  • Vicious Swing: B + A1
  • Face Flat: U + A1
  • Low Punch: D + A1
  • Center Chop: A2
  • Angry Slap: B + A2
  • Uppercut Slap: D + A2
  • Chest Stomp: A3
  • Low Shokan Kick: B + A3
  • Low Creeping Kick: D + A3
  • Pain Giver: A4
  • Long Reach Poke: D + A4
  • Quick Death: A1 , A1
  • Killer Slap: A1 , A2
  • Goro's Pain: A1 , A4
  • Foot Planter: A2 , A4
  • Grippin Death: A1 , A1 , A3

Style 2 Move

  • Dragon Hands: A1
  • Excessive Punch: F + A1
  • Ducking Hook Punch: D + A1
  • Damaging Fist: A2
  • Kuatan Spin Kick: A3
  • Quick Shin Attack: B + A3
  • Quick Uppercut: D + A3
  • Snuff Kick: A4
  • Tricky Poke: F + A4
  • Low Cyclone: D + A4
  • Swift Like The Wind: A2 , A2
  • Rushing Madman: A2 , A1
  • Rawr: A2 , A2 , A3

Weapon Move

  • Chest Slash: A1
  • Face Slash: B + A1
  • Upward Cut: U + A1
  • Low Thigh Cut: D + A1
  • Quick Stomach Strike: A2
  • 4 Arm Lifter: U + A2
  • Uppercut: D + A2
  • Face Knocker: A3
  • Knockdown Slap: F + A3
  • Low Arm Swing: B + A3
  • Low Tap: D + A3
  • Chin Stun: A4
  • Powerslap: F + A4
  • Low Stun Kick: D + A4
  • Stomach Punches: A2 , A2
  • Face Crusher: A4 , A3
  • Flurry Claws: A2 , A2 , A1
  • Hands Of Fury: A2 , A2 , A4


  • Fatality: B , B , F , F , A3 (Close)
  • Fatality: F , B , F , B , A1 (Close)
  • Hara Kiri: U , F , F , B , A4

Mortal Kombat: Deception

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