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Last Updated On: November 21st 2004

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Q: Who is this Dragon King?
A: The Dragon King, Onaga, is the true ruler of Outworld. The Deadly Alliance awakened his army, and through deception, he is awakened by Shujinko in his misguided quests chronicled in Konquest mode.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Finishing Moves

Q: How do I perform a Hara-Kiri?
A: Hara-Kiri is an ancient oriental form of suicide. The only way you can perform this is during your OPPONENT'S fatality time before he performs the fatality, hits you or time runs out.
(Answer Last Updated: November 8th 2004)

Q: How do you perform a fatality? Also, how do you get in the fatality stance?
A: Fatalities are distance dependant, a change from the way they were performed in Deadly Alliance. There are three ranges:

Sweep - the range from where a sweep attack will connect at its furthest point
Close - right next to your opponent
Far - at least half the screen away from the opponent.

To make fatalities easier, move into position and switch into the Fatality fighting stance after “Finish Him/Her” by hitting the Style Change button. Then execute the Fatality without having to worry about moving while entering the sequence.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Is there going to be multiple fatalities per character?
A: Each character has two Fatalities and one Kara-Kiri suicide move.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Are there stage fatalities like in the past Mortal Kombat games?
A: Stage fatalities do exist; however, they are different from past Mortal Kombat games as they are automatically performed when a character is close to a designated danger zone. Each stage, which a few exceptions, have a red line marked on the floor indicating that area is a death trap. Once a player is knocked into the death trap, they are killed instantly and lose the round. Death traps can be disabled in the main gameplay options and in online play.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: How do you do [INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE]'s Fatality?
A: Look for the answer to this in our MKD Strategy Guide. There is a list of each character's finishing moves that are known and how to do them.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Can you help me? I just can’t seem to do the Fatalities on your site!
A: You must either do the Fatality at the correct distance to execute it properly. Or to make it easier on you, hit the Style Change button after “Finish Him/Her” comes up. This will switch you into the Fatality fighting style. This will allow you to perform the fatality without moving around. Just be careful of hitting the attack buttons if you get them wrong. They will make you hit your victim.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Arcade Mode

Q: Who is the final boss in Arcade mode? How do I beat him?
A: The final boss is Onaga, the Dragon King. His attacks are limited to projectiles and grabs. He is also invulnerable to most grabbing and freezing projectiles. It is best to use style branching combos to defeat him. Also, if you touch one of the Kamigodus encircling the temple, Onaga goes to his knees allowing for a free hit.
(Answer Last Updated: November 10th 2004)


Q: What is Konquest Mode?
A: Konquest is a totally interactive training simulation encapsulated in a quest-oriented adverture game. You play as the game's main protagonist, Shujinko, who is lead on a series of tasks to retrieve the 7 Kamidogu. Konquest mode contains the majority of keys needed to unlock hidden characters and stages. Check out our fully-interactive Konquest Guide for more details.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I am stuck in a training mission. What can I do?
A: Mortal Kombat Deception's combo system is a non-timed queued button sequence. It doesn't matter at what point you enter in the command, except for juggle combos. Do not rely on any visual clues as to when to input the next button in the combo sequence. Just enter the sequence as fast as you can and you will be sucessful.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)


Q: How do I tell what version number my game is?
A: Goto Options, and into the Gameplay menu. Hold L+X on Xbox, and L+Square on PS2 for 6 seconds anywhere in the Gameplay menu. The version number should appear in the bottom right. North Americans should all have 0.098. English PAL versions will have 0.118e.
(Answer Last Updated: November 21st 2004)

Q: How are the buttons laid out by default?
A: This varies by system. But universally there are two punch buttons, two kick buttons, block button, special move button and a change style button. The Special Move button executes a throw. And yes, the RUN button is gone along with the labeling of the punch/kick buttons with either High or Low. They are just Punch 1 or Punch 2 now because their direction will vary by character and fighting style.
(Answer Last Updated: November 10th 2004)

Q: Does the game have body bruising or torn clothing?
A: There are facial brusing and scaring in the game. These can be seen at more detail at the end of an entire match (2 or so rounds depending on settings). You will notice this more with the use of weapons and high attacks. The more attacks that are landed high with powerful weapons the more scaring and brusing you will see develop on the character.

As for torn clothing, there is no tearing of clothing in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Can you customize the game controller button layouts?
A: Yes, via the options menu you can change what buttons do what to suit your needs better.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: What is included in the Xbox Kollectors Editions and the PS2 Premium Pack?
A: The special editions of Mortal Kombat Deception contain an extra disc with the following content:
  • An arcade-perfect, playable of the original Mortal Kombat¬Æ videogame
  • Over 40 minutes of bonus DVD video content featuring a "History of Mortal Kombat" movie that chronicles the origins of the franchise through the release of Mortal Kombat: Deception, along with exclusive biographical videos for each of the 25 characters in the game.
  • A serialized, embossed metal Kollector's Card created exclusively for the Limited Edition sets; there will be five unique cards in total (each of a different MK character), corresponding to the respective packaging.

(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)


Q: Why does Shujinko not have all of the moves listed in the guide?
A: Shujinko has a varities of moves from other characters that are unlocked by finding the appropriate keys in Konquest Mode. Return to Konquest and follow our strategy guide for specific locations.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: The official iGuides DVD guide was missing two secret characters that they said would be revealed later. Are these two characters Stryker and Fujin?
A: No. The iGuides DVD website revealed that the 2 characters they wer referring to are Liu Kang and Raiden.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I heard there are two "Super Unlocakbles" which are two extra hidden characters. Is this true?
A: So far, absolutely not. The idea of super unlockables has become a juggernaut of an Internet rumor gone haywire. Plenty of speculation and improbable solutions are littered across Internet websites and forums. They are all proven to be false.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Can you perform a Finishing Move on Onaga?
A: Onaga explodes once you defeat him. There is no opportunity between the last hit and the death animation to allow a fatality to be performed.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: On the character select screen there are 3 things to the left (or right if Player 2) of the large picture of the player's highlighted character that run vertically up the side of the screen. They look like they are selectable because the bottom one is highlighted green. What do they do?
A: They are different menus that can be utilized during the VERSUS game mode.
  • The top one is the WAGER menu. It allows you and your opponent to put Koins on the line in the Versus game if you both have profiles. The WAGER menu is brought up by both players pressing the corresponding button on the controller. On the Xbox use the R trigger on PlayStation 2 use R2 Trigger.
  • The middle one is the ARENA select menu. It allows you to select the arena you and your opponent you want to fight in. You can bring this menu up by pressing the corresponding button. On the Xbox use Black and on PlayStation 2 use R1 Trigger.
  • The bottom one is the HANDICAP meter. It allows your fighter to take more/less damage than his opponent. You can open this by pressing the button to open it. On the Xbox use White and on PlayStation 2 use L2 Trigger.

(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: What characters do you start out with in a new game?
A: You start out with these 12 characters unlocked and ready to fight: Scorpion, Mileena, Baraka, Sub-Zero, Kabal, Ermac, Nightwolf, Bo' Rai Cho, Ashrah, Dairou, Kobra, and Darrius
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: How do you select a character's alternate costume?
A: First, in order to unlock an alternate costume for a character, you must unlock the proper Krypt item that contains that character's alternate outfit. Once that is done, you can then select their alternate outfit by pressing START on the controller.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: Can you do Random Select like the old games?
A: Of course, and just like the old games you do it by pressing UP+START on the character select screen on the square your character select icon starts out at.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)


Q: What is hidden in each Koffin in the Krypt?
A: Look for the answer to this in our MKD Krypt Guide. There we list each Koffin, its cost in Koins, and what it contains.
(Answer Last Updated: November 10th 2004)

Q: What is the Krypt?
A: The Krypt is the area of the game where you can unlock many game secrets with the Koins you have collected in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: What type of secrets can it unlock?
A: The Krypt contains secrets ranging from game artwork, behind the scenes game development videos, hidden characters, alternate character costumes, alternate bios, hidden puzzle fighters, stages and much much more.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: How many koffins can be unlocked in the Krypt?
A: The Koffins in the Krypt are lettered AA to TT, which would make 400 koffins total to unlock.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I can't get very many Onyx koins. Where can I find more?
A: Onyx coins may seem scarse, but if you play Puzzle Kombat or Chess Kombat you can aquire them easily. There are also quite a few chests that have Onyx coins in them as well. Also, the following koffins have Onyx Koin Awards inside them: NA, JG, NH, RH, TF.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I've noticed there are different shaped headstones in the krypt. Is there any significance to these koffins?
A: No, they are merely red-herrings to get people like you to ask these questions and speculate on their importance.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Versus Mode

Q: What makes versus mode different from arcade mode?
A: So far it only seems that it forces a two player battle. Where in Arcade mode you can have a second player join in and play a versus match. But then the second player must continue or the winning player will then resume a game against the computer.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Mini Games

Q: What mini games are there?
A: There are two mini games in MKD. First off is Puzzle Kombat, which is a mix of a Dr. Mario-style puzzle game and Mortal Kombat. The goal is to line up similar color blocks and then use dragon symbol breakers to complete the lines and remove the pieces from your board and onto your opponents. Kombat Chess is a mix of Mortal Kombat and chess-like strategy. It consists of a board game with MK characters as pieces. Each piece is restricted in their movements, while the board features two power-up squares that provide a health boost to all pieces when occupied. Once you have two opposing pieces occupying the same square, they will battle in Mortal Kombat. Whoever wins the battle takes the square and the other character's piece is removed from the board.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Fighting Styles

Q: How many Fighting Styles are there per character?
A: Each character has two Fighting Styles along with one Weapon Style. Each fighting style has its own set of moves and attacks. Each fighting style is completely different from the rest.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: What does the Special Move button do in the different styles?
A: The Special Move button is now just for throwing, unlike in MK:Deadly Alliance where it differed based on your fighting style.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Bugs and Glitches

Q: Why do I hear about people walking on clouds and something about location A-9 in the Orderrealm in Konquest?
A: There appears to be a clipping bug in the Orderrealm section of Konquest. This allows Shujinko to travel outside the bounds of the level where the designers intended. There are rumors that this is where a chest will appear; however, it has been disproved totally and is simply a clipping bug.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I heard there is a trick to get unlimited Koins in the game like in Deadly Alliance?
A: No. It appears that Midway has fixed this loophole in their koin challenge code.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

Q: I am having problems with the Xbox version of MKD on my widescreen TV where I can't see the left and right edges of the screen.
A: Yes this is a known issue, there is a problem with overscan in Widescreen mode. It's not a huge piece missing but just enough to not see the edge of the fighting style names and the word WINS if a player has a few in a row. No known fix is available at this time other than not playing in Widescreen, but then you'd lose the much better looking screen zoom level in Widescreen mode. Otherwise keep an eye out to our site for news of a fixed version if one ever comes out.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2002)

Q: I was meditating in Konquest mode and my character would not stop meditating. What do I do?
A: Well it appears that a glitch in the game (reported many time for only Xbox users so far) that occassionally causes any profile in Konquest to prevent the player from ceasing to meditate. The game wont even kick you out of meditating after a week in the game like it normally does. When the bug hits you can still move the camera, bring up the map, bring up the pause menu, but you can't SAVE and Quit. You can only Quit, losing all progress in the game that you have made. Even if you do this and go back into Konquest, the bug will plague you again. The only known solution is to reset your game and it should be back to normal.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2002)


Q: I'm playing online with the PlayStation 2 and there is someone who is clearly cheating. What can I do?
A: Stop playing that person. The GameSpy/MK Team have announced that they can detect accounts who use third party cheat codes devices like Action Replay and CodeBreakers. The team will set these accounts to 0 wins, 1000 losses and 99,999 disconnects. Do not play against these accounts!
(Answer Last Updated: November 10th 2004)


Q: Can you chain fighting styles together in combos?
A: Yes, there are style branching combos that use not only both fighting styles but also that character's weapon. To help you learn these complete the Konquest mode to learn each character's combos in the game. But also expect to see many custom combos come along over time, we will also be posting some in our MKD Strategy Guide.
(Answer Last Updated: November 7th 2004)

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