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Alternate Costumes: Back To Top
      Koffin: AMKrypt Key RequiredNightwolf's Alt Costume
(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-4 - Fight Nightwolf)
      Koffin: CN1114 Jade KoinsHavik Alternate Costume
      Koffin: DAKrypt Key RequiredKabal's Alt. Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:B-1 - Fight Kabal)
      Koffin: EEKrypt Key RequiredAshrah's Alt Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Netherrealm:H-4 5pm-4am)
      Koffin: EJ1494 Platinum KoinsNoob & Smoke Alt Costumes
      Koffin: EMKrypt Key RequiredRaiden's Alt Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Unlock Raiden First, Key Found in Edenia:F-3 - Fight Raiden)
      Koffin: ERKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang's Alt Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Edenia:H-5 @ 1st of the Month 12PM-12:15PM)
      Koffin: GCKrypt Key RequiredJade Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Outworld:G-4)
      Koffin: HLKrypt Key RequiredMileena's Alt Costume
(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-7 - 7pm-9pm)
      Koffin: IB2086 Onyx KoinsBo' Rai Cho Alt. Costume
      Koffin: IPKrypt Key RequiredKobra's Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Earthrealm:G-2 @ 7PM-7AM - Fight Kobra)
      Koffin: JOKrypt Key RequiredShujinko's Alt Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:F-1 - Inside building on Tuesdays)
      Koffin: KIKrypt Key RequiredScorpion Alt Costume
(Key Found In Earthrealm Village:B-6)
      Koffin: MHKrypt Key RequiredSindel Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Outworld:H-6)
      Koffin: MLKrypt Key RequiredTanya Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Outworld:C-2/3 - Defeat Tanya)
      Koffin: PDKrypt Key RequiredGoro's Alt Costume
(Key Found In Earthrealm:C-8)
GameCube Only
      Koffin: QIKrypt Key RequiredDairou's Alt Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:D-8)
      Koffin: QPKrypt Key RequiredErmac's Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-8)
      Koffin: QT1064 Ruby KoinsHotaru's Alt Costume
      Koffin: RMKrypt Key RequiredSub-Zero's Alt Costume
(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-8 @ 7pm-9pm behind rock in Lin Kuei temple)
      Koffin: SCKrypt Key RequiredKenshi's Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Earthrealm:A-5)
      Koffin: SG990 Sapphire KoinsKira's Alternate Costume
      Koffin: SHKrypt Key RequiredShao Kahn's Alt Costume
(Key Found In Earthrealm:B-5)
GameCube Only
      Koffin: SR2252 Gold KoinsBaraka's Alt Costume
      Koffin: TBKrypt Key RequiredDarrius Alt. Costume
(Key Found in Outworld:F-8)
      Koffin: TEKrypt Key RequiredLi Mei's Alt. Costume
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:A-6 - Fight Li Mei)
Bios & Alternate Bios: Back To Top
      Koffin: AJ186 Sapphire KoinsSindel's Alt. Bio.
      Koffin: AQ352 Platinum KoinsJade's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: ASKrypt Key RequiredSub-Zero's Alt. Bio.
(Key Found in Earthrealm:C-3)
      Koffin: BIKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang's Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Earthrealm:H-4)
      Koffin: BO269 Ruby KoinsBo' Rai Cho's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: CE422 Jade KoinsDairou's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: DBKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:H-1)
      Koffin: DP306 Platinum KoinsTanya's Bio
      Koffin: GAKrypt Key RequiredBaraka's Alt. Bio.
(Key Found in Earthrealm:A-3)
      Koffin: GB390 Sapphire KoinsNoob and Smoke's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: GK267 Gold KoinsHotaru's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: GS202 Sapphire KoinsKira's Bio
      Koffin: HI312 Gold KoinsNoob and Smoke's Bio
      Koffin: JK245 Jade KoinsKenshi's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: JSKrypt Key RequiredShao Kahn's Alt Bio
(Key Found In Earthrealm:C-5)
GameCube Only
      Koffin: KA233 Jade KoinsTanya's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: KGKrypt Key RequiredRaiden's Alternate Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Outworld:G-1)
      Koffin: KS233 Onyx KoinsKabal's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: LE265 Platinum KoinsNightwolf's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: LL398 Sapphire KoinsHavik's Bio
      Koffin: LO342 Jade KoinsHotaru's Bio
      Koffin: MK283 Platinum KoinsKira's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: MMKrypt Key RequiredShujinko's Alt Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:G-8)
      Koffin: NF281 Ruby KoinsLi Mei's Bio
      Koffin: OJKrypt Key RequiredGoro's Alt Bio
(Key Found In Earthrealm:E-7)
GameCube Only
      Koffin: OS395 Ruby KoinsHavik's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: PJ254 Gold KoinsErmac's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: PR288 Gold KoinsKenshi's Bio
      Koffin: QD392 Gold KoinsDarrius's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: QH296 Onyx KoinsLi Mei's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: QN324 Sapphire KoinsAshrah's Alternate Bio
      Koffin: REKrypt Key RequiredMileena's Alt. Bio.
(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-6)
      Koffin: RP258 Jade KoinsJade's Bio
      Koffin: RTKrypt Key RequiredScorpion's Alt. Bio.
(Key Found in Earthrealm:D-4)
      Koffin: SAKrypt Key RequiredRaiden's Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Earthrealm:C-4)
      Koffin: SEKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang's Alternate Bio
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:G-5)
      Koffin: TI269 Onyx KoinsSindel's Bio
      Koffin: TP283 Onyx KoinsKobra's Alternate Bio
Hidden Stages: Back To Top
      Koffin: ABKrypt Key RequiredGolden Desert
(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-2)
      Koffin: BHKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang's Tomb
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Earthrealm:H-6 @ 3-7 AM)
      Koffin: DOKrypt Key RequiredDragon Mountain
(Key Found in Outworld:H-8)
      Koffin: DS1694 Sapphire KoinsLiving Forest
      Koffin: GFKrypt Key RequiredKuatan Palace
(Key Found in Orderrealm:A-4)
      Koffin: GPKrypt Key RequiredPortal Arena
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:D-5)
      Koffin: HBKrypt Key RequiredYing Yang Puzzle Arena
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:D-1 or Earthrealm:G-4)
      Koffin: HQ1515 Jade KoinsLiu Kang's Tomb Puzzle Arena
      Koffin: JI2191 Ruby KoinsDeadpool
      Koffin: JQKrypt Key RequiredNexus Arena
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:A-4 @ 3-8:00 AM)
      Koffin: MOKrypt Key RequiredDragon King Temple
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:D-7 - Inside a House @ 12-8 AM)
      Koffin: OBKrypt Key RequiredShang Tsung's Courtyard
(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-1)
      Koffin: OQKrypt Key RequiredQuan Chi's Fortress
(Key Found in Orderrealm:H-5 - Inside a House)
Koin Award: Back To Top
      Koffin: AC63 Sapphire Koins397 Gold Koins
      Koffin: AE137 Platinum Koins371 Jade Koins
      Koffin: BD117 Gold Koins602 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: BG352 Ruby Koins297 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: BM97 Gold Koins659 Platinum Koins
      Koffin: BR129 Ruby Koins461 Gold Koins
      Koffin: CA202 Gold Koins772 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: CB338 Platinum Koins374 Gold Koins
      Koffin: CH154 Gold Koins254 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: CR125 Ruby Koins150 Gold Koins
      Koffin: DM340 Sapphire Koins515 Onyx Koins
GameCube Only
      Koffin: FP107 Sapphire Koins378 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: FT224 Jade Koins418 Platinum Koins
      Koffin: HE173 Onyx Koins434 Gold Koins
      Koffin: HG317 Gold Koins434 Jade Koins
      Koffin: HT324 Sapphire Koins361 Jade Koins
      Koffin: IM133 Platinum Koins268 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: JG175 Ruby Koins357 Onyx Koins
      Koffin: KJ161 Onyx Koins477 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: KM145 Ruby Koins242 Platnium Koins
      Koffin: LC182 Onyx Koins489 Jade Koins
      Koffin: LH217 Sapphire Koins297 Jade Koins
      Koffin: LR201 Jade Koins299 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: NA126 Jade Koins476 Onyx Koins
      Koffin: NH144 Platinum Koins461 Onyx Koins
      Koffin: NL105 Jade Koins357 Gold Koins
      Koffin: NP144 Onyx Koins325 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: NR115 Ruby Koins348 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: OG148 Jade Koins322 Sapphire Koins
      Koffin: OI250 Jade Koins450 Gold Koins
GameCube Only
      Koffin: QB189 Sapphire Koins463 Platinum Koins
      Koffin: QL134 Ruby Koins348 Jade Koins
      Koffin: QR123 Platinum Koins277 Gold Koins
      Koffin: RB215 Onyx Koins258 Ruby Koins
      Koffin: RH163 Gold Koins397 Onyx Koins
      Koffin: RO124 Jade Koins343 Platinum Koins
      Koffin: TF150 Sapphire Koins434 Onyx Koins
Photos: Back To Top
      Koffin: CP267 Jade KoinsCarlos Pesina
      Koffin: CT718 Gold KoinsJim Terdina
      Koffin: DG111 Platinum KoinsDanny Gutierrez
      Koffin: DR601 Platinum KoinsMarketing and Media Relations Team
      Koffin: EB144 Sapphire KoinsEd Boon
      Koffin: EQ316 Onyx KoinsVoice Actors
      Koffin: FH138 Platinum KoinsGame Balance Testers
      Koffin: FM154 Sapphire KoinsCinematic Team
      Koffin: GJ251 Ruby KoinsSan Diego Creative Team
      Koffin: GR209 Gold KoinsJon Greenburg
      Koffin: HA186 Onyx KoinsAdisak Pochanayon
      Koffin: HD168 Ruby KoinsJennifer Hedrick
      Koffin: HS213 Platinum KoinsHerman Sanchez
      Koffin: IF682 Ruby KoinsUser Interface Team
      Koffin: IT189 Sapphire KoinsInformation Technology Team
      Koffin: JA324 Onyx KoinsJim Bulvan
      Koffin: JB29 Ruby KoinsJay Biondo
      Koffin: JN159 Sapphire KoinsJohn Nocher
      Koffin: KD212 Onyx KoinsArt Crew
      Koffin: KP401 Gold KoinsJohn Podlasek
      Koffin: LB170 Onyx KoinsBrian Lebaron
      Koffin: LM178 Gold KoinsLuis Mangubat
      Koffin: LP136 Platinum KoinsTools Group
      Koffin: MB639 Jade KoinsMike Boon
      Koffin: MQ128 Onyx KoinsMary Qian
      Koffin: MT529 Onyx KoinsMike Taran
      Koffin: NC148 Gold KoinsNigel Casey
      Koffin: NK245 Jade KoinsJohn Vogel
      Koffin: NS124 Ruby KoinsNick Shin
      Koffin: OL211 Platinum KoinsOnline Team
      Koffin: OR272 Sapphire KoinsAlan Villani
      Koffin: PG45 Jade KoinsPaulo Garcia
      Koffin: PK128 Jade KoinsPav Kovacic
      Koffin: PO277 Ruby KoinsKonquest Missions Team
      Koffin: QA467 Sapphire KoinsQuality Assurance - Chicago
      Koffin: QQ374 Jade KoinsQuality Assurance - San Diego
      Koffin: RC263 Platinum KoinsMidway Media - Chicago
      Koffin: RN137 Gold KoinsAlexander Barrentine
      Koffin: RR83 Gold KoinsRyan Rosenberg
      Koffin: SB327 Platinum KoinsSteve Beran
      Koffin: SO198 Jade KoinsSound Team
      Koffin: SS219 Ruby KoinsProduction Assistance
      Koffin: TA104 Jade KoinsTodd Allen
      Koffin: TG135 Onyx KoinsTony Goskie
      Koffin: TO126 Gold KoinsTony Zeffiro
      Koffin: TS365 Sapphire KoinsTaaron Silverstein
Production Art: Back To Top
      Koffin: AA221 Sapphire KoinsQuan Chi's Attack
      Koffin: AD148 Platinum KoinsEdenia Realm Map
      Koffin: AG121 Ruby KoinsPuzzle Kombat Ladder
      Koffin: AH158 Ruby KoinsTorture Concept
      Koffin: AI201g Gold KoinsKabal's Story Board
      Koffin: AK127 Sapphire KoinsKonquest Layout
      Koffin: AL223 Platinum KoinsLiu Kang's Tomb Render
      Koffin: AN179 Sapphire KoinsNoob Story Board
      Koffin: AP202 Platinum KoinsMK4 Scorpion Render
      Koffin: AR192 Ruby KoinsErmac Early Concept
      Koffin: AT155 Platinum KoinsSindel Story Board
      Koffin: BA193 Sapphire KoinsKira Story Board
      Koffin: BC108 Sapphire KoinsDragon King Render
      Koffin: BE213 Platinum KoinsMK Chess Concept
      Koffin: BF113 Onyx KoinsScorpion Vs. Sub-Zero
      Koffin: BJ198 Gold KoinsChamber Death Trap Concept
      Koffin: BK106 Platinum Koins4 Player Concept
      Koffin: BL87 Jade KoinsEvil Yin Yang Concept
      Koffin: BN88 Onyx KoinsNightwolf Concepts
      Koffin: BQ227 Sapphire KoinsNethership Stern
      Koffin: BS56 Jade KoinsChess Kombat Concepts
      Koffin: CD212 Onyx KoinsBeetle Lair Concepts
      Koffin: CF178 Platinum KoinsWeapon Concepts
      Koffin: CI210 Sapphire KoinsLi Mei Concepts
      Koffin: CJ135 Ruby KoinsFalling Cliffs Concept
      Koffin: CK101 Jade KoinsChamber of Artifacts Lower Level
      Koffin: CM177 Platinum KoinsUndead General
      Koffin: CO256 Platinum KoinsDragon King's Throne
      Koffin: CQ255 Gold KoinsErmac Story Board
      Koffin: DC176 Ruby KoinsHavik Promo Render
      Koffin: DE207 Sapphire KoinsErmac Alternate Concepts
      Koffin: DF205 Ruby KoinsFalling Cliffs Concept
      Koffin: DH143 Ruby KoinsChaos Realm Concepts
      Koffin: DJ185 Jade KoinsSub-Zero Promotional Render
      Koffin: DK137 Sapphire KoinsOutworld Guard House
      Koffin: DL255 Onyx KoinsShang Tsung's Destroyed Palace
      Koffin: DN177 Gold KoinsLi Mei Story Board
      Koffin: DQ66 Onyx KoinsSlaughterhouse Sketch
      Koffin: DT301 Sapphire KoinsCinematic Scorpion
      Koffin: EA207 Platinum KoinsErmac Masked Concepts
      Koffin: ED215 Platinum KoinsOrder Realm City Center
      Koffin: EF236 Platinum KoinsShujinko Promotional Render
      Koffin: EG391 Ruby KoinsThank You Screen
      Koffin: EH245 Onyx KoinsNethership Map Art
      Koffin: EI165 Sapphire KoinsNethership Hanging Bodies
      Koffin: EK288 Gold KoinsSlaughterhouse Death Trap
      Koffin: EL199 Jade KoinsDairou Story Board
      Koffin: EN294 Onyx KoinsFalling Cliffs Fatality
      Koffin: EP277 Sapphire KoinsFalling Cliffs Fatality
      Koffin: ES234 Onyx KoinsSektor and Smoke
      Koffin: ET141 Jade KoinsMileena Concepts
      Koffin: FA206 Ruby KoinsHotaru Character Sketch
      Koffin: FC217 Onyx KoinsOld Shujinko Concept
      Koffin: FE301 Sapphire KoinsLiu Kang's Tomb Concept
      Koffin: FF116 Ruby KoinsRaiden Character Studies
      Koffin: FG222 Gold KoinsOutworld Chess Concept
      Koffin: FJ153 Sapphire KoinsRed Dragon Sword
      Koffin: FK293 Platinum KoinsCliffhanger Concept
      Koffin: FL126 Jade KoinsPlayer Capture Concept
      Koffin: FO456 Jade KoinsSky Temple Concept
      Koffin: FQ198 Gold KoinsQuan Chi's Realm Detail
      Koffin: FR288 Onyx KoinsDouble Character Concept
      Koffin: FS122 Ruby KoinsSlaughterhouse Concept
      Koffin: GD133 Ruby KoinsMileena Story Board
      Koffin: GE216 Gold KoinsJohn Vogel Painting
      Koffin: GH299 Sapphire KoinsRaiden Promotional Render
      Koffin: GI182 Ruby KoinsKira Concepts
      Koffin: GL99 Sapphire KoinsDarrius Concepts
      Koffin: GN217 Ruby KoinsChaos Realm Water Center
      Koffin: GQ154 Sapphire KoinsMK4 Sonya
      Koffin: GT217 Sapphire KoinsSexy Mileena
      Koffin: HC111 Gold KoinsYin Yang Statue
      Koffin: HF183 Gold KoinsShujinko's Sword Concept
      Koffin: HH54 Jade KoinsSareena Render
      Koffin: HK668 Jade KoinsSub-Zero Render
      Koffin: HM136 Ruby KoinsScorpion Concept
      Koffin: HN194 Jade KoinsTanya Character Studies
      Koffin: HO172 Ruby KoinsScorpion wireframe from MK4
      Koffin: HP156 Platinum KoinsSindel Character Study
      Koffin: HR401 Onyx KoinsOutworld Cottage
      Koffin: IA144 Jade KoinsMK Gold: Baraka and Mileena
      Koffin: IC243 Sapphire KoinsAnimation Sketches
      Koffin: IE216 Sapphire KoinsDarrius Promotional Render
      Koffin: II200 Sapphire KoinsKonquest Production
      Koffin: IJ144 Sapphire KoinsQuan Chi's Realm Portal
      Koffin: IK224 Platinum KoinsArena Weapon Concept
      Koffin: IL199 Ruby KoinsSlaughterhouse Concept
      Koffin: IO194 Platinum KoinsGood Yin Yang Concept
      Koffin: IQ139 Onyx KoinsDragon King Ending Part 2
      Koffin: IR256 Jade KoinsJade Story Board
      Koffin: IS164 Gold KoinsRaiden Solid Model
      Koffin: JC376 Sapphire KoinsNethership Fight Intro
      Koffin: JD186 Ruby KoinsNightwolf Story Board
      Koffin: JF217 Platinum KoinsNoob Alternate Concepts
      Koffin: JH235 Platinum KoinsBaraka Render
      Koffin: JJ200 Platinum KoinsEarly MK Deception Promo
      Koffin: JL63 Onyx KoinsTanya from MK4
      Koffin: JP134 Jade KoinsScorpion Story Board
      Koffin: JR187 Ruby KoinsDeadly Alliance Exhibit
      Koffin: KB225 Sapphire KoinsNoob Concepts
      Koffin: KE178 Sapphire KoinsSindel Promotional Render
      Koffin: KF260 Gold KoinsQuan Chi's Realm Approach
      Koffin: KH273 Onyx KoinsLiu Kang's Tomb Concept
      Koffin: KL200 Gold KoinsShang Tsung's Attack
      Koffin: KO186 Ruby KoinsQuan Chi Cinema Model
      Koffin: KR145 Gold KoinsAshrah Character Concept
      Koffin: LA165 Ruby KoinsFacial Animation Test
      Koffin: LD67 Jade KoinsShang Tsung's Chess Concept
      Koffin: LG155 Gold KoinsFace Damage Demo
      Koffin: LI206 Sapphire KoinsAnimation Sketches
      Koffin: LJ196 Ruby KoinsEdenia Realm House
      Koffin: LK170 Onyx KoinsAshrah Concepts
      Koffin: LN232 Gold KoinsBaraka Story Board
      Koffin: LQ125 Sapphire KoinsMK Universe Logo
      Koffin: LS200 Jade KoinsDragon King Face
      Koffin: LT200 Platinum KoinsKonquest Mission Maps
      Koffin: MC280 Onyx KoinsFatality Concept
      Koffin: MD99 Jade KoinsOrder Realm City Center
      Koffin: ME66 Jade KoinsDarrius Character Concept
      Koffin: MF385 Jade KoinsNoob Saibot Demo
      Koffin: MG192 Platinum KoinsNethership Plan
      Koffin: MJ138 Sapphire KoinsChaos Realm Ruins
      Koffin: MN164 Gold KoinsDragon King Ending Part 1
      Koffin: NB95 Jade KoinsSky Temple Concept
      Koffin: NE196 Platinum KoinsScorpion Render
      Koffin: NG166 Sapphire KoinsAshrah Render
      Koffin: NI227 Jade KoinsScorpion's Katana
      Koffin: NM129 Sapphire KoinsRock Crusher Death Trap
      Koffin: NN499 Ruby KoinsNightwolf Promotional Render
      Koffin: NO188 Gold KoinsLiu Kang's Tomb Concept
      Koffin: NQ243 Gold KoinsBo' Rai Cho Story Board
      Koffin: NT162 Onyx KoinsNetherrealm Skull Rock
      Koffin: OA128 Onyx KoinsSub-Zero Story Board
      Koffin: OC211 Sapphire KoinsOutworld Map
      Koffin: OD209 Platinum KoinsHell's Foundry
      Koffin: OE152 Platinum KoinsSlaughterhouse Render
      Koffin: OH178 Jade KoinsSky Temple Elevation
      Koffin: OM181 Platinum KoinsNoob and Smoke Demo
      Koffin: OP252 Sapphire KoinsKobra Story Board
      Koffin: PA346 Jade KoinsRaiden Concepts
      Koffin: PB194 Gold KoinsNightwolf and Sonya from MK3
      Koffin: PE212 Ruby KoinsNethership Interior
      Koffin: PF260 Ruby KoinsKenshi's Story Board
      Koffin: PH188 Jade KoinsWheel of Death Concept
      Koffin: PI280 Sapphire KoinsAshrah's Story Board
      Koffin: PL255 Onyx KoinsSlaughterhouse Death Trap
      Koffin: PM312 Onyx KoinsOutworld Map
      Koffin: PN161 Sapphire KoinsNoob Concepts
      Koffin: PQ140 Onyx KoinsAnimation Sketches
      Koffin: PT171 Sapphire KoinsShinnok from MK4
      Koffin: QC150 Platinum KoinsHavik Concepts
      Koffin: QE178 Gold KoinsChaos Realm Concept
      Koffin: QF126 Gold KoinsNethership Cross Section
      Koffin: QG210 Gold KoinsChamber of Artifacts Render
      Koffin: QJ207 Ruby KoinsChaos Realm Koffins
      Koffin: QKKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang Storyboard
(Beat Konquest First, Key found in Chaosrealm:F-7)
      Koffin: QM377 Jade KoinsAnimation Sketches
      Koffin: QO197 Sapphire KoinsScorpion Pawn
      Koffin: QS231 Platinum KoinsNethership Bow
      Koffin: RA169 Platinum KoinsDragon King Story Board
      Koffin: RD167 Platinum KoinsFrozen Katakombs
      Koffin: RF213 Gold KoinsSub-Zero Concepts
      Koffin: RG288 Sapphire KoinsYoung Shujinko
      Koffin: RI320 Onyx KoinsSky Temple Concept
      Koffin: RJ159 Jade KoinsFalling Cliffs Fatality
      Koffin: RK148 Sapphire KoinsSludge Pit Concept
      Koffin: RL166 Gold KoinsBeetle Lair Attack
      Koffin: RQ131 Sapphire KoinsEvil Yin Yang Concept
      Koffin: SF167 Onyx KoinsGood Yin Yang Concept
      Koffin: SI244 Gold KoinsJade Character Studies
      Koffin: SK52 Onyx KoinsBo' Rai Cho
      Koffin: SM195 Gold KoinsEdenia Realm Palace
      Koffin: SN155 Jade KoinsShujinko Character Concept
      Koffin: SP244 Sapphire KoinsBaraka Concept
      Koffin: ST298 Ruby KoinsChess Piece Concept
      Koffin: TD299 Platinum KoinsNoob Demo Version 2
      Koffin: TH257 Jade KoinsHavik Concepts
      Koffin: TJ234 Sapphire KoinsDeath Trap Chamber
      Koffin: TM154 Onyx KoinsMK4 Promo
      Koffin: TN191 Onyx KoinsEarly Quan Chi
      Koffin: TQ274 Gold KoinsLower Mines Death Trap
Shujinko's Moves: Back To Top
      Koffin: CGKrypt Key RequiredFlying Jinko
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:E-5)
      Koffin: DDKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Foot Grab
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:D-8 on Mondays Behind House)
      Koffin: IDKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Spear
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:A-1 - Defeat Scorpion)
      Koffin: INKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Icy Breeze
(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:F-5 Inside Building @ 6AM-12PM)
      Koffin: KCKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Opponent Slam
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:C-8 @ 5-6PM on Wednesdays)
      Koffin: KKKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Hara Kiri
(Beat Konquest First, Earthrealm:A-8 @ 12AM-1AM on 16th of the month)
      Koffin: KNKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Flaming Fist
(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:G-6 - To the left behind a building)
      Koffin: LFKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Fatality 1
(Beat Konquest First, Outworld:C-8)
      Koffin: OFKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Flip Scissor Kick
(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:D-1)
      Koffin: PSKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Kick
(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:G-4 @ 2AM Sunday - infront of a house)
      Koffin: SQKrypt Key RequiredShujinko Fatality 2
(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:D-4)
Soundtrack: Back To Top
      Koffin: BPKrypt Key RequiredLive At Kuatan Music
(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-5)
      Koffin: BT488 Onyx KoinsArcade Select Music
      Koffin: CCKrypt Key RequiredBeetle Lair Music
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-2 and Earthrealm:D-7)
      Koffin: EC871 Jade KoinsPortal Arena Music
      Koffin: HJKrypt Key RequiredTiles of Death and Whimsy Music
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:E-7 - Inside a House)
      Koffin: KTKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang's Tomb Music
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-4 or Earthrealm:C-7)
      Koffin: MRKrypt Key RequiredDark Prision Music
(Key Found in Earthrealm:C-3)
      Koffin: NJ561 Gold KoinsKombo Krusher Music
      Koffin: RS398 Platinum KoinsDead Pool Arena Music
      Koffin: TC682 Sapphire KoinsLiving Forest Arena Music
      Koffin: TLKrypt Key RequiredGolden Desert Music
(Key Found in Netherrealm:D-8)
Unlockable Characters: Back To Top
      Koffin: DIKrypt Key RequiredTanya
(Key Found in Outworld:A-3 @ 7pm-12am)
      Koffin: DM3643 Onyx KoinsNoob-Smoke
      Koffin: JSKrypt Key RequiredHavik
(Key Found in Chaosrealm:H-4)
      Koffin: MAKrypt Key RequiredRaiden
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:E-3 - Defeat Raiden)
      Koffin: OI2417 Jade KoinsJade
      Koffin: OJKrypt Key RequiredHotaru
(Key Found in Orderrealm:H-1 @ 4am-2pm)
      Koffin: ONKrypt Key RequiredKenshi
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-3)
      Koffin: OTKrypt Key RequiredLiu Kang
(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Edenia:G-8 @ 12am-1am Fridays)
      Koffin: PDKrypt Key RequiredLi Mei
(Key Found in Outworld:F-7 - Inside House)
      Koffin: SHKrypt Key RequiredKira
(Key Found in Earthrealm:H-2 @ 1am-4am)
      Koffin: SJKrypt Key RequiredSindel
(Key Found in Netherrealm:D-1 @ 9pm-4am)
Unlockable Puzzle Kombat Characters: Back To Top
      Koffin: GMKrypt Key RequiredMileena Puzzle Kombat
(Key Found in Netherrealm:C-6)
      Koffin: GO2911 Ruby KoinsJade Puzzle Kombat
      Koffin: MI2425 Platinum KoinsKabal Puzzle Kombat
      Koffin: NDKrypt Key RequiredBo' Rai Cho Puzzle Kombat
(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-6 or Earthrealm:A-7)
      Koffin: PP3604 Gold KoinsRaiden Puzzle Kombat
      Koffin: TRKrypt Key RequiredKenshi Puzzle Kombat
(Key Found in Earthrealm:G-4)
Videos: Back To Top
      Koffin: AFKrypt Key RequiredChou Jaio Video
(Key Found in Orderrealm:B-6/7 - Punch Mokap)
      Koffin: AO612 Onyx KoinsScorpion Kata Test
      Koffin: BB681 Platinum KoinsMK4 3D Test
      Koffin: CL1004 Jade KoinsRaiden Lightning Test
      Koffin: CS521 Platinum KoinsMoifah Martial Arts Video
      Koffin: EO743 Platinum KoinsOpening Movie Animatic
      Koffin: FB565 Onyx KoinsMonkey Style Martial Arts Video
      Koffin: FD628 Ruby KoinsMK Mythologies: Temple of Elements
      Koffin: FI596 Gold KoinsZha Chuan Martial Arts Video
      Koffin: FNKrypt Key RequiredHua Chuan Video
(Key Found in Earthrealm:E-2)
      Koffin: GG610 Ruby KoinsQuan Chi's Skullwall
      Koffin: IGKrypt Key RequiredMian Chuan Video
(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-8)
      Koffin: IH556 Jade KoinsMK Deception Teaser Trailer
      Koffin: JE793 Sapphire KoinsMK Mythologies: Bloopers
      Koffin: JM640 Jade KoinsBaraka Vs. Mileena Animatic
      Koffin: JT804 Gold KoinsMK Mythologies: Sub-Zero Dies
      Koffin: KQ623 Onyx KoinsMK Mythologies:Promo
      Koffin: MP815 Sapphire KoinsQuan Chi Voice Test
      Koffin: MS528 Platinum KoinsRaiden's Demise
      Koffin: OKKrypt Key RequiredSilat Video
(Key Found in Chaosrealm:B-1)
      Koffin: OO452 Platinum KoinsMK Deadly Alliance Commercial
      Koffin: PC592 Sapphire KoinsGoju Ryu Martial Arts Video
      Koffin: SD675 Platinum KoinsMK Deception Preview
      Koffin: SL615 Ruby KoinsVal Tudo Martial Arts Video
      Koffin: TK547 Ruby KoinsMK Deception Trailer Animatic
      Koffin: TTKrypt Key RequiredChoy Lay Fut
(Key Found in Edenia:F-4 - Inside a House)
Mortal Kombat: Deception

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