Who do YOU want for DLC?

What character do you want as DLC?

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this guy

Tanya - ninja-ish yellowy female counter to Scorpion - what's not to like... The game needs more black of skin types, bad girls are cool and I quite like her demon origins and move sets, I think she could be done very well in MK9.

Fujin - out of the many characters I've looked up on the MK wiki, his design and move-set seem most unique, plus they made Rain great, they can do the same for Fujin.

A new character, maybe something based on Tremor, or maybe someone new entirely.

Definitely not playable bosses, sorry to those who want that, I just like the bosses to stay that way and not have to fight them online.
Reiko. We barely know anything about him, he could really use a revamp

Oh, and although I don't really like the idea of guest characters, if I had to, I think I'd go with Cervantes from Soul Calibur. Dude's a pirate WITH swords AND a sword pistol. Got mad respect for him
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Tremor/hands down:hail:
Onaga,the dragon king
Hydro ninja/cyborg
Meat/skeleton costume :)
Sarenna/from MKM sub-zero
And Playable Bosses
It's pretty badass. It's about high school students trying to survive a zombie outbreak in the area.

There's blood, cursing, killing, and more so it's a M rated anime. I'm enjoying it so far cause of all the action and drama.
Is it on TV- wait, stupid question lol... where can I find it?