Who do YOU want for DLC?

What character do you want as DLC?

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Rain, Shinnok, Fujin, Reiko, Tanya, Bo' Rai Cho and Havik added as playable characters, Motaro added as a boss.
Skarlet and Frost. Other than that, I'm happy with the roster, except maybe bring Rain in.
In addition to the two we KNOW we're getting, I'd like to see Fujin, Havik and some sort of Oni (maybe an interesting update of Drahmin with a cooler story).

I previously liked the idea of Shinnok becoming DLC, but given where story mode went, I'm far more interested in seeing him return as an unplayable boss for MK10.

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I'd also be interested in seeing one of the hideous creatures from the flesh pits emerging as a character -- kind of an update on the Meat concept, only more based on the half-formed clone thing.

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Scarlet and Kenshi (which have been confirmed already, so yeah..)

Primarily I'd love to see Reiko again. He's even mentioned in story mode (after the cyborgs take sub-zero, you can hear Shang Tsung announce the next match : Kenshi vs Reiko)

Next up would be Frost and Mavado (considering the re-invention of some other characters, I truly believe they have decent potential to become something awesome)

Lastly Rain, if only to put an end to the incessant 'i want rain' threads. I'm not so eagerly looking for another ninja type, but I suppose they could make something interesting out of him. I certainly like the way Ermac has evolved from the palette swap ninja to a 'full fledged' character with a different look.
definitely shinnok. he's the only dlc character i care for. then if possible fujin, reiko and rain would be awesome if they were made well by NR.
Rain first of all and the only one i really care, but chameleon, fujin, meat and havik are welcomed in my ps3! and maybe reiko but only if he looks like ninja like in MK4. (Anyway ill buy all dlcs because im an obsessive collector)

Rain must look like a ninja again!!! I love ninjas, i want more ninjas for MK!
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Cyber (Scorpion, Reptile, Ermac (lol! Could you imagine), Smoke) because I know it's going to happen eventually. I don't really get this cyber fad. It's ...pointless.

I really just want some skins and maybe a few characters that are new. I don't really care for anyone in the MK4 and on to be like OMG I WANT THIS GUY! Except maybe Shinnok for interest. (And I want Rain, and he better be epic)

And I want NRS to host some Create a Character contest. Like you give them a story, bio, movelist, and drawing of your character then everyone votes on themortalkombat.com and it gets made DLC. I doubt I'd win but I bet I could get a good player thought of.

But I don't think DLC characters will matter. I figure they'll be automatically weaker than on disc characters so nobody is like "ITS NOT F*****G FAIR! RAIN IS A G******N POWERHOUSE BUT I DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY HIM! F**K YOU NRS!!!!!" So I think NRS would kind of keep them under par with the main cast just to protect themselves from backlash because they put out a godly dlc character only people who have the money can get.
I love all those DLC threads. it's so great to see Rain love :p

RAIN. Cyborg Smoke. Reiko/Frost (complete overhaul for those two). would also be interested in seeing Fujin/Kenshi (overhaul) and new characters. I like Skarlet's looks, I hope they make her fight well too. mk needs more females and new characters with unique elements and not generic ones
I wish they would just do the Cybers as alt costumes. I really don't want to see a cast filled with ninjas and their cyber versions. Not even really a fan of CSZ.
I want new characters! At least give us 1 new character. Most fighting games has at few new ones, I'm just asking for one (not a cyber or human version of an existing character).
Cyber smoke, rain, and chameleon. Other things I want for dlc, more classic costumes, more fatalities(including friendships,and animalities.) Stages,and I also had some ideas for online modes.