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  • Hello there :)
    I was just wondering if you could make me a Team Bar that have Kitana and Jade on the left side and it says Team Blueberry & Lime
    And if you are busy with other requests (or with life in general) you can feel free to just glide over this request
    But if you could complete this it would be MORE than incredible
    thanks so much in advance <3
    I'm just curious, how do you get your team bars to flash over each other? I can only have two images so I can't stack them on top of each other.
    Hi. I know you have a thread for this a a bunch of impending requests, but I have a Character bar. Liu Kang on one side, Jin Kazama on the other, IDC What the background is, but in the middle of them, it says (If you can fit this): "Make this happen" Also, thanks for the other character bar you made for me and all other character bars.
    hey I was directed to you for a request I have. I would really like a sig with two certain MK characters...what's the process of going about this? If you can help I'll appreciate it.
    could you make me one with Quan chi & noob and have it say team brother hood of shadow

    thank you
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