Whats this? Whats this?! ~ TRMK Drawings thread

I like all of these. I haven't drawn in a few months. I think I my have doodled a batman ezio looking thing but I haven't sat down and planed anything from start to finish. :/
In honor of Injustice coming out tonight, thought I'd post up some DC-inspired drawings I did recently. A B'wana Beast and a handful of Wonder Wimenz. Enjoy:

So I got a few drawings I'd like to post in here. I have no idea how many more characters I need to get done but here's what I got before they're getting colored. When they're getting colored... I have no idea.





And one that's almost done:

I haven't decided yet. I'm talking to one of my brother's friends who's a professional comic book artist and see what he does to get the best looking colored picture. I suck at shadowing when it comes to color so, I want to talk to him to see what I should use to color it.
I see. I hope you learn a trick or two.

I have been looking through my old art for characters to revisit and make sprites out of them.


This is what I done so far.

I'm trying to figure out how to create the base before adding shading to make it pop up. I'm restricting the size to 56 x 56 pixels, so style/proportion adjustments are necessary.
So I got a drawing tablet for Christmas and did a thing

I had thoughts about getting a tablet, but I never got around to it. Recently, I attempted some pixel art, with phone app called dotpict. I did a simple 15x15 sprite. I don't know how to send to the files to my PC though, if it's possible.

Be careful about where you place the knees. They seem too high too. Femurs (thigh bones) are usually slightly longer than the tibia (shins).

There is also something amiss when to comes to the position of her legs compared to her body. I suggest sketcking an outline the body first as the foundation, and then draw the dress over it. Even if she was wearing a puffy jacket with a huge skirt, you still want to have a good idea of the body underneath the clothing.
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My anatomy is complete shit because I did do a sketch of the body before I drew the dress :(

For the legs I was trying to go one leg over the other

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Haha ewwww, 2013 art. I don't even know where those pictures went.

Meh, it's a shame that I haven't really kept up on updating some of my artwork on here. I guess I'll just showcase the first picture I drew for this year.

It's my WoW character with a sci-fi/cartoonish look (Although I changed her helmet up with the mythic look instead). Still though, I freaking love this transmog I made and I can't stop drawing her for some odd reason.

So here's Persephanie the Fabulous.


Yeah, I'm pissed that it got bent like that.
Damn, how did I miss this thread? If I would have seen this earlier I wouldn't have had to create my own thread. Nice.

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