What Grinds your Gears, part 2

When my dad sides is manipulated by his wife. (No she is not my mom. My parents are divorced.)

I had to leave the house and pack most of my things. I'm currently sleeping in my sister's place.
The majority of the gaming community being homophobic, conservative, rude, arrogant, and overall judgmental!

Idk why, but it seems like it all got worse recently. Maybe it's because of what happen with Xtreme Beach Volleyball 3 or Street Fighter V?

No one ever had problems with this back when we got games like Mass Effect, TLOU Left Behind, ect. Hell, people were even mixed when it came to the costumes for MK9 (with most hating them). But now everything is a SJW issue to them no matter what the context. Not saying they're right for acting the way they currently are, but a lot of developers are pulling some BS when it come to the writing and design choices in these games. Mainly their reasoning for why they do what they do. If i were to suggest anything to a game developer, it would be to never explain themselves when it comes to what they want and don't want in their games cause people are out to attack anyone they can.
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Car insurance. Why is it mandatory that I have to pay some guys cash in case an accident happens when I could do that when I save up my money. It just kind of seems wonky, since some people can decide that they don't accept xyz insurance at the drop of a dime.

I literally got a car from my mom and she's like "take more lessons" so I can lower it even more. Even though I've done it twice and I honestly never cared for it, but then I'm expected to pay for the insurance on a car that I can't drive, that I can't make the time to get the license for and if I do there's a chance my instructor will make me do it over to get more cash out of me like the driving school did. Literally drove with my cousins, said I was good, drove with my grandmother said I was good, drove with the instructors twice, finally said I was good but "lowering insurance" would be good (turned out I can't lower it any less with a permit without a license)... So yeah... Owning a car just feels like slavery man.
Curfew? Where I'm at we're told not to leave period. :laugh:

I still have some work even though it has been reduced. I go to my sister's house to do paper works after I'm working in the home health/hospice field while I have dinner there and spend time with my nephews as well, watching Youtube videos and movies. In my own house, there's no room to do paper works unless everyone is asleep already.

I also don't like the fact that I cannot karaoke especially with my friends.
The mods on this forum completely SUCKING at their job and allowing pornographic spam to be posted here, especially in this very subforum!
* Donald Trump and his crazy followers who attacked the White House.

* HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE!!! Especially in my area.

* Many police officers because of their corruption, biases, and hatred towards other people. The way they abuse their power.

* The fact that Bay Area of Northern CA is worse than what people say such as them saying that most accept the LGBTQ. They are WRONG. There’s only about 50% who accept the LGBTQ community. At least it’s still better than other places such as Las Vegas, NV and LA, CA. I don’t even want to mention how Homophobic many people in my local mall are because of their “religion” and “culture”.

* This pandemic in general. When I go out in bars, I’m not allowed to mingle with anyone.

Those are just some of the few I can think of at the top of my head. I bet there would be more if more situations occur.

Here is one thing about me, I don’t care what anyone’s beliefs are but if you have a religion or culture that will kill ppl just because they are LGBTQ, than you (ppl of such culture/religion) should not exist!!! Sorry not sorry for saying that!
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Corona, man. Just wish shit could go back to the way it used to be.
Honestly speaking, I think the pandemic happened because there are so many evil people in this world (that including that orange-faced pr!ck as president of the USA). If people don't treat each other better, things will get worse. This is me talking from a spiritual aspect (I'm Catholic btw).

Too many people get away from their crimes.

Things will get worse if people do not stop mistreating each other.

There will be far worse than the George Floyd Riots if people don't get it together. I will not be surprised if there will be a riot against homophobic people and count me in if it happens!!!
1. Some friends of mine who cannot control their alcohol!!! And yet they're wondering why I don't invite them over to go out in bars! They should be lucky I still invite them over to restaurants.

2. Ghetto people who stare at me and when I say what's up, they try to start fights but luckily security is around. I definitely am against police officers and other people who abuse their power (I'm agree with people who protest against the cops who killed Mr. George Floyd) but damn too many ratchet and ghetto people give a bad name to other people who are of color. No wonder many cops judge many people of color who are living in the "hood" (and I know that not all people from the "hood" are evil but just way too many are evil).

3. Police who abuse their power. Many of them go to my local bar (which used to be a gay bar but now a "community" bar just to give me and other LGBT people the stink eye, and who cover their hoodlum friends (yes those cops were most likely from the "hood too") do cocaine in the bar bathroom. Since I let out my frustrations to my friends of that bar, the cops would not be there too long anymore. At least when I'm there. I also grabbed several names from the badges (one of my friends I vented out to had parents who work in that city's police department).

I'm just so glad the gay bar I want is open though I have to drive 30 minutes away just to go to that spot. Oh and the workers of that gay bar have been made aware of the illegal activities that have been going on to the "community bar" including with the city's police.

4. I'm PMSing because the guy I want supposedly has a boyfriend already but I know that I should let it be since we still are friends. I'm very sensitive especially because so many BS is happening at once...

I'm trying not to have any biases against certain types of people but if I'm exposed to these people and a majority of them trip me like shit, it'd make me not only complain but take pics and videos as well. Also, I'm so glad there is YELP. That part was fun by the way when I exposed many people.
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Unfortunately, that one bar that I used to like in San Jose, CA has been taken over by hoodlums who start fights. Yes some of them are drag queens. They are VERY GHETTO and a DISGRACE TO THE LATINO AND LGBTQIA COMMUNITY!!!! Yes many of them are gay too but they start fights with other gay people!

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Btw, have fun with that last hashtag I did. He's a perfect example of a person who is a disgrace to the Latino and LGBTQIA community.
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