What do you collect?

Added 7 prints to my collection that I got from New York Comic Con, although I have no idea where I'm going to put them on my wall








Also got two posters for doing a survey at the Funimation booth


Yo that Yu Yu poster, I have a friend who'd love something like that. That metal gear print is nice as hell too, something I'd definitely be down with hanging on my wall :top:
The guy who did the Liquid print that my friend got, Konami themselves had commissioned him to make D-Dog artwork for promoting MGSV.

Also met this girl who was selling hand-painted pieces for high prices cause she paints them on the spot for you. She had a really beautiful Elsa painting.

Most of the artists were in the Artist Alley but since my friend and I had to gtfo, we only covered like 25% of it. We saw Frank Cho as well, along with the creator of Deadpool.
I bought this with birthday money yesterday. I don't know whether I should open it or not, but it'll sit on my dresser nonetheless.

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I collect Lego sets. Mostly Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. I was big into Star Wars before they started releasing way to many big sets every year.

Oh, and I sell Lego sets, minifigures and pieces.
I wish that I could get into Funko Pop! for the sake of Dishonored 2.
They have made some pretty amazing Corvo, Emily and Outsider versions from the upcoming game, but I could never get into it, even for my favorite gaming IP.

I usually collect Delorean model cars and BTTF-related stuff, but I've gotten more into collecting Dishonored stuff.
There's a replica bonecharm that I bought recently (should be arriving any day now).
I also have a tarot card deck from when I pre-ordered the first game.
The 2nd game's Collector's Edition comes with the steel case, Corvo's mask, Emily's ring and an Empress Delilah poster, so I'll post the pics of that stuff when it comes on on November 11th.

Ha, I kid. I mean, I actually DO get paychecks but- Ah, you get it.

I've never been able to successfully collect things. I tried comics and action figures when I was younger, tried coins, tried books, etc, but I always happen to lose interest pretty quickly.
Video game consoles and games from the first (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972) up to the Sega Dreamcast (1999). And I own the vast majority of the ones in between. Also X-Files stuff and, more oddly, VHS tapes of cartoons that I grew up with as a kid. I pick them up at Goodwill any time I see them.
I see a lot of people going after the Pop! dolls, and I have a few, but to me it's tough to collect for something that literally just sits on a shelf. I think that's why collecting video games is so attractive to me.