What do you collect?

I used to collect baseball cards (I own the 1986 Topps Traded set), video games (I own Tecmo Bowl, Mario Bros., and Kings of the Beach), and comic books (I own X-Men, Hulk, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman comics), but now I'm getting interested in various kinds of Christianity-themed (crusades, etc.) chess-sets (be they actual set-pieces or video-games).

History and culture are more fun when you involve yourself in 'archaeological toys,' no?

If anyone knows of a glass Christianity-themed chess set, please let me know...


I love to collect packets of sugar. Well, you know, like they give in different snack bars, sushi bars, etc. Maybe it's not the coolest thing, but practical)
I used to collect badges when I was a kid. Then I grew older and started collecting coins from European countries where I was on holidays or business trips. Collecting for me it was like a way to keep emotions from my childhood and trips alive. I also wrote short reports about my trips on a website like Medium as an additional way to keep my memories bright.
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My room would be filled with these perfumes if I didn't use them as often as I do. (I usually use each one up per season, depending on their smell).
Used to collect warhammer figures, but sold them after college. Had some vinyls, but sold it too.
I guess the only stuff I collect are PC games in big box packages. I keep my collection at my dad's house (I hope he haven't threw it to thrash). My most valuable items are Half-Life and WoW Burning Crusade. I play WoW sometimes, but it seems to me that game became a lot harder since Mists of Pandaria. But boosting services like https://e2p.com helps me a lot with the difficulty. I hope Blizzard won't mess the WoW Classic so hard.
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