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  • Just to let you know I did get your email and we reviewed the lines and everything. You did an outstanding job for this! Honestly , you even did your own double or triple takes! This helps out a lot and I can't thank you enough. When me and the other dude who runs this channel are done with our visit in Florida we'll get to work on the final product since we still have our lines to record.

    Thanks again for the good work :top:
    Hey I finished your lines Empress. If you don't mind PM'ing your email I can send it to you
    Alright this is really good. I'll do my best and get my ass in gear. Again, I really appreciate you helping us out
    Oh man you are just the best.

    Now that you have watched it I'll edit what we have and write up your lines. As far as getting your voice lines I was wondering how you did it for that other comic that you were apart of with the four Links. Did you do it over Skype or did you record them and email them?
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we're only doing the first episode so that's all you have to watch
    Alright great!

    I have to come up with suitable lines for you to say but I'm not sure how I want Lala's character to be in this dub.

    For now we have this idea of Rito wanting to become a drug lord with premature ejaculation and of course trying to ask out Haruna. We recorded but we had to stop because we didn't have a voice for Lala.

    I guess what I'm trying to do for Lala's character is to have her as an innocent alien gangster princess. Like she's not snobby but she would hurt somebody. If you have any suggestions I am all ears
    Hey Empress remember when you said you wouldn't mind helping out with voice work for the next video I did?

    Welllllllllll my friend and I are doing an abridged for To Love ru and would like for you to voice Lala if you are interested.
    Thanks. My aunt put this magnet on my cake when I was over there yesterday.

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