What are you watching right now?

you didn't like the reboot? Jason was a badass in that one.

im not saying we need a Friday movie like every year or 2, but they should make some more often. this 1 every 10 years bs is stupid.

i liked Jason in the reboot but i hated the rest of the characters and the movie in general was all tits and swearing, it was just a tad bit too much for me to like it, the kills where pretty awesome though, those dumb kids deserved it XD guess i'm not too into modern horror films
Last night I caught up with the season finales of both Arrow and The Flash.

I had stopped watching both shows, as of April 14th, due to Mortal Kombat X coming out that same week, and I was a few weeks behind.

Arrow season finale: 6 / 10 - no erection
First off, with Arrow:
If it wasn't because I knew that Arrow was being renewed for a 4th season, the show could have ended like that and I wouldn't have worried about it.
It kind of had a lame TDKR Selena Kyle / Bruce Wayne ending with Felicity and Oliver, which I didn't care about.
I didn't mind Ra's al Ghul in season 3 becuase Merlyn DID train with the League Of Assassins, so I didn't mind his presence.
The whole "Heir to the demon" Batman-esque thing shouldn't have been done, though.
Sadly (for the show Arrow itself), 1 of the more interesting parts that I found about that season finale was when The Flash showed up.

The Flash season finale: 10 / 10 - full hard-on

Where do I start with The Flash?

Cameos, cameos, cameos.

From Jay Garrick's helmet (as a nod to Infinite Crisis, Jay was the original Flash) that came through the wormhole, a glimpse of Killer frost, Cisco finally being Vibe (as per the reason why he can see between parallel universes), Hawkgirl cameo, Sara (Black Canary somehow being alive, now in white) and the death of Eddie Thawne which wipes Reverse Flash (aka Eobard Thawne) out of existence.
I'm a HUGE Back To The Future fan, but even this season finale had my head spinning for a bit with all the multi-verse / parallel universe / alternate timeline circumstances.
AMAZING season Finale for The Flash.
I'm waiting for the 2nd season of The Flash, which I bet the 1st several episodes will be about the Multiverse Flashes before Barry returning back to his own timeline, after somehow closing down the giant wormhole. Also watch out for Cold when he finally finishes his recruitment for the Rogues.

I may check out Legends of Tomorrow once it premieres.
I just watched Cinderella (the new one) and it's visually gorgeous holy crap! I was not expecting such a beautiful movie.
I rewatched Drive Angry and John Wick recently. They're some of the most awesome movies I've ever seen and everyone who likes action should give them a shot. Even if you don't like Nick Cage or Keanu Reeves they are absolutely worth it.
I just watched Cinderella (the new one) and it's visually gorgeous holy crap! I was not expecting such a beautiful movie.
It was beautiful, fun, and interesting and I am so glad it was as good as it was. I'd been psyched about it since they hinted at it just before Maleficent in theaters.
As a side note, I love the fact that Helena Bonham Carter was the Fairy God Mother. I like seeing her in silly fun roles. When she started singing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo over the end credits I couldn't stop grinning.
The 2007 J-Drama, Life.
This show is extremely underrated and I hope that people realize just how great this show/manga is.

If you want to check it out, go to Youtube and search Life (2007) J-Drama. Their will definitely be some complications in watching it on YT or even online at all, but I worked through the complications and I don't regret it. Idk how many times I watched this show and the manga so far is a great expansion of it. This is especially great for people who love the game Life is Strange (specifically episode 2).
this movie is a masterpiece

and so is this one

Explorers in the further regions of experiance, Demons to some, Angels to Others
im trying to watch every James Bond movie before Spectre starts playing in theatres. ive tried to stick to this a few times before but the furthest I got was You Only Live Twice. im gunna do it this time I swear. I just finished Dr. No.
While GOT is on break, going to catch up with Breaking Bad, we (partner and I) only got to season 2 before the final series of SOA was on then we started watching GOT from episode 1 and it kinda got pushed back as we caught up all the way to Season 6. After we finish Breaking Bad, I managed to get the entire series of Oz for a good price so that will be next and I got given the box set of The Wire. The box set of Gotham comes out soon too haven't seen it may check that out too. So that will keep us busy for a while.