What are you watching right now?

Unfortunately, I won't be able to binge-watch all of The Clone Wars due to time constraints (and WTF was Disney thinking when they cancelled it?), and Rebels isn't complete yet (in fact, the show's final season is in progress).

I am currently watching 93 Days, the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria as it relates to what's happening to our world now. I hope and pray that this pandemic ends soon. Stay safe everyone!
One of my favorite anime of all time is yu yu hakusho. I’ve always enjoyed the fight scenes and the camaraderie between the four main characters. Throughout the series, you see how the characters grow and the changes in which they interact with each other. A bit cheesy at times and the main character can be quite stupid and a knucklehead but I just like him and the whole cast.

View: https://animefillerlist.net/yu-yu-hakusho-filler-list/
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