I decided before hand that I would put a dash after the third letter, and then proceeded to randomely pull seven letters from a scrabble bag...
My first Initial and my last name.. i use this on everything that requires a user name. Sometimes i put my zip code after it to make it even more customized to me.. one time while playing Halo on my computer i was asked if i was Korean.
DeadSkuLL DruMMer said:
What does Hetre... mean?

'Hetre' means: 'Hellspawn, demon of hell' And many other things of that nature i think i came up with 10 or sumthing for that name :)

EDIT: In terms...i am a mindless demon from hell..hehe nice rings a bell
i use the name vega online as much as i can,most people think its from street fighter ...but its not..
it all started when i was playing Quake III arena on the Dreamcast, on there i used the name MR.BLONDE from Resavior Dogs (Mr.Blonde's name is vic Vega )so when i joined a clan on QIIIA i changed my name to vega becouse it looked better in the clan colours

Final Night was actually part of a story I was working on at one point. The Final Night was a power that bonded a select few together and gave them each different abilities. It's now really become my name for everything online though.
I was just a lurker till one day I saw a really stupid post and the guy had Kano in his username or as his avatar and he pissed me off with his retardedness, so I became KillKano.

After MKD came out, I had Pat switch it over to K1LLKANO so it would match my name online
simple, when i was younger i made fan fiction, and one of the characters was a shokan with tarkatan blades in his arms, a mix of goro and baraka. the name took all of a few seconds to think of
well, i got my username from MK: D. 1 of Shujinkos moves are called Flying Jinko. I took the Jinko and put it in my username. Later on i thought of Master. so Jinkomaster is my username. It sucks huh?
I chose Kasei Ouji because my real name is Japanese also(Kai)
and i find the meaning cool, Kasei means Fire Born, and Ouji means Prince