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  • damn, i didn't realize you had already screen capped all of the mk legacy kharacters. i feel like a dumb ass for wasting over an hour capping them. i guess i should read all the post next time.
    Haha that funny ass pic transitioned from your old sig to your avatar. :rofl:

    I kinda wondered, can that be done in game or is it shopped?
    I was right! I did know then. I look at my page viewer thing and saw you were just added to it. Congratulations on being the 1000th visitor. You won!
    Hello again Sir. I don't suppose there is any chance of making my hoped for 3/23rd date for my buddy. If not, I would appreciate it if you keep it on your project list. Thanks again for all. Cheers!
    Hey dude. Just send an email to the address you gave me. Please let me know what you think with a quick reply one way or the other. Cheers!
    Let me just throw this out too in case you are like "why is this guy such a ****in nag freak about this project." I may have told you already, I have a collection of all of the arcade/console fatalities and all in HD... except for this one. So close! In fact, the videos I do have are shit quality, so that's why I'm so interested. Cheers and thanks for all!
    Lol bro, too much confusion between our user names though the difference is quite apparent. I guess I should request a name change. :laugh:
    Yeah true but I just didn't feel it was necessary, anyway no problem. I just think everything's a bit cluttered being in one thread and it'd help to have our own place to organize it all.
    fair enough dude, sorry for any hostility, i was just interested in that thread, i wasnt trying to encourage any newbies, just chat to people who already have experiences to share, but i get that there maybe young, easily influenced people on here.
    I know what you are saying with closing that said thread. I would have turned it into a substance abuse awareness thread. But it is better to not even have it, just delete it.
    boo... why close the thread.

    we arnt offending anyone, arnt breaking any rules, free speech anyone?
    i think your being bias, your putting your own feelings about drugs into the equation.. not very proffessional.
    Damn, that sucks.
    But if you can find a stream, that'll be dope.
    Quality might not be great, but at least you get to see what's poppin.
    I'm trying to stay away from some sites right now, there's lots of leaks coming out.
    Like trailers and new video game announcements.
    Here's hopin' MK9 wins some awards!
    Are you still getting that error message on spike, bro?
    If you can't watch it on tv, maybe you can find a stream online.
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