I was gonna go with Kosta cause thats my name, but every website i joined already had a Kosta, so I thought I'd save myself the trouble and add on to Kosta. I thought wrong :cry:
Well. I joined TRMK in 2002 when I was 11. I thought I knew everything there was MK. So when I got to the username part, I didn't know what to do. So I thought about it awhile and chose MKMaster. And I didn't feel like picking a new one on every forum I joined so I stuck with it. And now, everyone I know in the MK community knows me by MKM.
My first was MKFrEaK2, because I love MK, and I am a freak,
Then it was FPS fan, and that's pretty clear,
and now it's TheFreak, read MKFreak2.
I chose the name Image, because since I write, I have to think of things, which are images in my head of course. Or when you create characters like in games besides stories and such. Also I like the name. IMAGE!! 8)
I've been useing this name on most everything for years. It comes from a Great GWAR song - Horror of YIG - if you don't know GWAR check them out now!

They are back with a vengance!!!
I liked the character Kobra just because he reminds me of Ken in Street Fighter. If I could change my name, I would change it to Ioini which is a made up name I made quite a while ago.
Had this "alias" for a while now. I have an interest in music. I'm particularly interested in mixing music. Hakku (which is the correct pronunciation for "HaQ" -hock-KOO) is Japanese for white, hence, HaQ.

Simple as that.
I have no reason for chosing Angel as my name. I just pulled a random creature from my head, and tested TRMK's database to see if anyone had it. Since no one had called themslves 'Angel' I choose that.
I Chose Noob/Smoke because they make a good team. And i have 2 questoins. Noob because thats Classic Sub-zero and Smoke because he was Human and cool

1 How do u put pics in your signiture

2. How was classic Subzero in Umk3 and Noob Saibot is in Umk 3 too Thats weird
I picked my name since I loved the thought of bein trained by my main man reptile and bein his aprentance

(ps) to post sigs get a picture go to click browse pick your pic click host copy the link in the 1st bar paste it in your pro where it says signature
In other words,


And as for UMK3... there's new characters (like Ermac, etc.), an 8-player tournament option, 2-on-2 play for versus, and some more arenas. Some arenas from MK3 I don't recall seeing (like the bank, though the bank rooftop is still there) again, but it's a nice game.

Edit: OH, and the Sheeva glitch.
i liked reptile King cause i always played as reptile and i always win(that means my friends were no challenge) i know all specials fatalitys animalitys etc. reptile has always been my idol
there is a bit behind mine as well. first i am/was a huge korn fan and i wanted a sn that associated me with korn but was original, and not something stupid like kornkid or korn+random #'s. therefore since im kind of a morbid type i just figured put a K in front of coroner. BUT now that im not so confident in korn's future, if i had a choice i'd probly go with my alternate: HunterMaster, or something different like MaggotGeneral(slipknot related)

but convieniently, since i changed coroner to koroner, you could associate it with mk as well. so screw it. lol