Mine is just a crunched way of saying R.I.P. Liu Kang. I decided on that name after the death of Liu Kang in MK:DA.
my username is Zombie_Loser_Kang because i thought Liu Kang was a loser and he is a zombie......but now when i unlocked him i thought well bullshit he kinda rocks!
so if i could change i would just put Zombie_Liu_Kang or something.
Back at I was looking thru the board and was sort of new to MK, I saw an Icon of goro and you know what, I thought he ruled! :wink:
I dont know why the hell my name is Jeroldo!!
My real name is Jarrod and i suppose they are simmilar and i just think Jeroldo sounds cool!
Our Names

Why did you guys pick the names that you use on this forum

I picked Kal-El, because he's my favorite superhero, ever
i used to use the name MR.BLONDE on Quake 3 arena on the Dreamcast but then i changed it to vega(in resavior dogs mr.blonde's name ids vic vega an ive kinda used it online eversince.
I used Jade because it's my real name and I just added the Xx xX because I figured someone would have already taken Jade.
Hm.... I think I was going to go with "Chaos", then I remembered RoK, thought it'd be a bit more interesting if I changed a letter..

And that's how Khaos was born. ;)
I originally was Chrono_The_Warrior, which was one of my rp characters I created when I was 9 (three years ago), then I remembered that I created Sub-Zero's son: Sapphire, only a year before I figured I'd just use that one.