Super Smash Bros

I'm not sure why you would think an MK character ever had a chance to join the SSB roster. Capcom already has Mega Man on there, so with them having a foot inside already it wasn't surprising to see Ryu pop up as well, especially since Street Fighter is in the works. Also, Capcom seems to want their hands on that Nintendo money...

Capcom is the filthy street whore selling her family heirlooms for rent money.
Give me Snake already.

This. This shit. Right here. Came so FAR. SO FAR out of left field. HOLY SHIT.

Actually some dude broke it down for me saying that Cloud was mad popular in the Smash Ballot for Japan.
So it makes sense and it gets me mad hype too.

I don't even like final Fantasy, but this shit right here is the future.
RIP project m. It has been officially taken down and all future updates cancelled. For the past 2 years I've had some of the best video game experiences of my life with this game with friends. Hope all the talent that went into this game goes on to make even bigger things, they've earned it.

ps. fvck you sakurai and your fragile ass wrists you has-been hack.
There is a website that has the last version and previous ones. I am afraid that Nintendo might shut it down, so I gotta keep on the DL(Down low).

R.I.P Project M, though. Sad to see it go down like this. The last version will hold me over till I get the Wii U, if I ever get it. I doubt I will if Nintendo keeps this up.

welp smash gets it's second M rated character

and yet another Fire Emblem

and cloud is being released later today

Maximillian is gonna lose his shit again
Sakurai got the balls of Meteors son.

Like, 2016 is going to be the best year for vidyagames,

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R.O.B and Villager are evil, I knew it :rofl:

Artwork trancends humanity itself

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Yoo Bayonetta's stage is sexy as funk. Not really feeling the new Fire Emblem character though, I get that they're the main character of the new game but c'mon. Not that I dislike a new FE character being added in but there are already a ton of them in this game and Corrin just reminds me a lot of Robin.

However if they revealed someone like Zephiel, Ashnard, Sigurd, Hector, or the Black Knight I would've been hype as hell but it's not like anyone knows who those characters are anyway :laugh: