SF: The Fall of Dolls

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"I'll give you a biscuit if you suck my dick!" vs "You have to beat me in a fight to get that BJ!"

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[Side Event #1]
"What do you mean 'You don't know what happened'?" Cammy yelled to the Nurse.

"Cammy, Calm down.. We'll get to the bottom of this. I promise" Chun Li said to Cammy in an attempt to calm her down.

"I know Bison is behind all of this, he'll pay for all that he's done to us..."

"Now we can't jump to conclusion because we don't have enough evidence to tie him into this incident, and he's been dead for a while now." Guild counter argued.. "Maybe you should check on Juni in her room." Guile Suggested.

Cammy then left the room and walked to Juni's room to see her "Sister" resting with the she gave her a few weeks ago.

"When will all of this end..." She thought to herself....

[Main Story]

Chapter 2: Seaking info.

In her room on the bed, Satsuki was in deep meditation. She ignored Bison's order to rest, but instead pondered on the "Truth" about the downfall of her sisters, still in her Hospital gown she decides to change clothing, walking to her personal closet finding the same Blue shirt and Black tight leggins that her sisters wore in the flash backs and Bison's pictures during their meeting. She changes, hanging the Hospital gown up on a hanger.

"This outfit is surprisingly comfortable.." she said to herself

"Good, you're already dress and ready for the obstacle course before deployment" Said a tall man with a scar on his right eye. "My name is Sagat and I'm here to test your Abilities in combat, With that being said follow me into the training room"

Satsuki followed Sagat outside her room and into the training room, it was a large training room similar to a gym. Sagat and Satsuki weren't the only two in the room, Bison's minions were working out and pumping iron, but she was not intimidated by them.

"Now.. Your test begins." Sagat turned around speaking loud, "Who is worthy enough to Challenge the Elusive Satsuki for her spot as 4th Commander of the Shadaloo Organization?!!"

The other minions gathered around and only three men stepped up to the challenge surrounding her..

"Remember Kid, Treat every fight... As your last." Sagat's finale words to Satsuki before blending into the spectator crowd.

The Minion on her left was the first to charge at her throwing his right fist at her face, She stopped it with a left leg kick then she preformed a reverse roundhouse sending him into the crown on his back, Next the guy infront came at her with everything he had throwing punches left and right mixing up each hand he used, but Satsuki was too fast successfully blocking each hand with her own. Finally, She caught his left hand and threw her right hand into his face knocking him out cold.

The Spectators were hyped from the battle praising Satsuki for her victory against the 3 henchmen.

"So is this my purpose.. To hurt people?" She questioned herself.

"Job well done, Kid. Now you must face me.. Remember my words from the beginning of your trials" Sagat said going into his fighting stance.

Sagat pulled his arms back behind his hands channeling energy from his arms into his hands, as he swung them forwards a blast of energy emitted from his hands. The energy resembled fire, Satsuki was quick enough to duck under the attack, he did the same motion but he crouched this time allowing the fireball to go lower, instead of ducking she jump over it. Sagat Smirked and began to speed up the rate of fire he threw the fireballs. While ducking and Jumping She was plotting a way to get close enough to attack him.

"Ok, so low fireballs I can't duck but the high ones I can duck, and he's not mixing them up well so maybe that little space in between each fireball I can advance in on him" She thought to herself.

Satsuki executed her plan, slowly working her way towards Sagat after 10 minutes of fireball dodging and moving in she finally got in and jumped forward, riding the forward momentum in the air she twisted her body hands clasped together stretched into the air diving kicking Sagat in the chest forcing him to the ground. She steps off his chest extending her hand out to him smiling.

"Well done, Most people can't get through my barrage of Tiger shots. I'm proud, Kid." He took her hand and pulled his self up from the ground. "Now, go to your room. Vega will notify you when you'll report to Bison."

Satsuki returns to her room and sits on the bed, and began to think about her short training session in the gym with Sagat.

"Combat is Second Nature to you..." These words from Bison came across her mind.

"So it's true, but how if I lost most of my Memory.." She questioned herself.

"Madam, I'm sorry to interrupt you but Lord Bison wants to give you a short summary of your mission."

Satsuki raised from her bed and followed Vega into Bison's office, she sat in the same chair as last time. Bison had this evil grin on his face, he was anxious to send her off on this mission.

"Listen my child, we're working with a third party company called S-I-N and we can't trust them fully, Seth is hiding something from me so your job is to infiltrate S.I.N HQ and find out what he's hiding from me, Is that understood?"

"Yes, Lord Bison.." Satsuki replied.

"This way beautiful, I'll be escortin' ya to the S.I.N buildin' " Balrog said to her.

She follows Balrog to the helipad outside the building. Outside the sun was setting and day was quickly turning into night, the trip was quick. She was dropped off only feet away from the S.I.N Skyscraper.

"I'll be back in about 3 hours, that's more than enough time to find out what's going on in that shithole, catch ya later gorgeous" Balrog flew away and returned back to Shadaloo HQ.

"These red gloves are to colorful.. Maybe taking them off will help me hide in the shadows better" She began to take off the gloves and dropped them in a nearby trash can.

She crept around the outside of the building blending in with the shadows, two guards were guarding the entrance, instead of taking the fight to them she brought them to her throwing a rock at the shrubs surrounding the entrance, the guards were distracted and she made her move in take them the both out with a Katana blade in the chest silently, she hid the bodies behind the shrubs, once inside the building was quiet. The main lobby was empty and no one was at the front desk computer.

"Maybe there's some vaulable info inside this computer"

She raided the computer's C drive for info, nothing of interest stood out. Before shutting down the PC there was a file on the desk named "Feng Shui Project". She opens the file and it had a brief description of the project..

Birthdate: January 1st [1]
Birthplace : South Korea
Height : 5' 5" (165 cm)
Weight 101 lbs. (46 kg)
Eye color: Purple
Hair color : Black
Blood type: AB
Fighting style: Taekwondo
Subject will be administered the "Eye" that will grant her amazing speed and strength making her a feared opponent for our Army, Subject is held in Solitary confinement.

Satsuki takes the file, and was extracted from the same pick up place. Back in Bison's office...

"Yes.. Yes, Job well done my child. I knew we couldn't trust Seth.. Now he shall pay for his betrayal... Rest my doll, you deserve it.."