SF: The Fall of Dolls


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Chapter 1: The Awakening

"Wake up... My doll" Bison said to the 4th surviving Member of the infamous Shadaloo Dolls.

Satsuki opened her eyes, she noticed a man with a white mask and long brown hair looking her into the eyes, Next to him was an African American Male with a 'M' shaped hair line, Finally was a tall Caucasian male with a scar on his left eye guarding her hospital room door.

"Who are you?! Where am I?!" She said aloud.

"Shhh" Vega said while running his hand down her face calming her. "We're taking you back home, were you belong. You're better off there instead of this excuse of a Hospital"

"Boxer! Round up the Copter, we're leaving this place soon" Bison commanded.

"Got'cha boss" Balrog replied, in less than 15 minutes the Helicopter was hovering beside Satsuki's Hospital Window.

Bison broke the window creating an entrance to the Helicopter from inside the room, next he picked up Satsuki from her bed and carried her into the Helicopter and the rest of Bison's henchmen followed. 15 Minutes later they arrived at the Shadoloo HQ found on a Island in the middle of nowhere, Upon landing they exited the Heli and carried her into a building with the shadaloo insignia on the entering door.

Once inside Vega carried Satsuki into her own personal room laying her on the bed inside the room.

"Rest, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow" Vega said as he smiled exiting the room.

"What could that mean? What the hell is going on.." Satsuki questioned herself, she got out of the bed and walked into her presonal bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror.

"Who am I?" She questioned..

"Rest, You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow...." These words Echoed through her mind.

"Maybe he was right, Resting would be the best thing to do right now"

She exits the bathroom and lays in her bed and quickly she fell asleep, shortly after morning came. Satsuki raised from her bed and went into the bathroom inside the room to wash up for the long day ahead of her, next she sat back on the bed just to collect her thoughts and think about what happened last night..

"Why can't I remember anything?" She questioned herself, random pieces of her past raced through her head but it was hard to peice all of it together, Mental Images of other girls surrounding her with Dark blue Attire on with small yellow ties, but one Woman stood out.. She had blonde hair fixed into two long pig tails fighting people.. but it's all a blur inside her mind.

"Madam Satsuki, Lord Bison wants you to report to his office.." Vega said to her.

Satsukia acknowledge the order and followed Vega to Bison's office. It was a medium sized room with a office desk in the middle and behind it was a beautiful view of the Ocean. In front of his office desk were 4 chairs, each chair for his commanding Generals. Vega, Balrog, Sagat, and soon to be Satsuki.

"Claw, you are dismissed.. Come my child, Sit we have much to discuss" Bison said.

Satsuki sat in the third seat that put her directly in front of Bison.

"I know they're are millions of questions and Mental images racing through your mind, but I'm here to give you something the Hospital you can't give you, If you're curious.. I'm talking about your Memory. First, you need to know who you are. Your name is Satsuki and before your "Death" you were a commander of the Dolls unit... Unfortunately, your sisters were wiped out by a traitor by the name of Cammy, Cammy White.."

Bison pulled a remote control from under his desk, he clicked the power button turning on the projector. Making the big window that showed the beautiful Ocean view into a huge display. Bison cycled through Images of Cammy leaving the other dolls members dead inside Shadaloo HQ.

"Sisters..........." She said aloud.

All of the mental images came together a formed a small flash back...

"Blood.. Was every where, they were all dead.. She spared me for some reason but I don't know why, but it doesn't matter.. She killed my Sisters" She said enraged by the "Truth"

"Good.. Good, you remember now. It's sad to see our second best doll betray us because of Jealousy, she was mad because YOU were my favorite and she was inferior to you.. Think about it. She spared your life to face you again some day to truly show who's stronger in a fight to the death! Now.. You must begin your training, Combat to you is second nature so your Missions are your training" Bison continued, "Now, for your weapon.." Bison pulled out a Katana from under his desk and carefully handed it to Satsuki.

"Now rest in your room for an hour.. your mission begins at that time"
forgot the guy literally got rid of all forms of good in his heart he could give Shinnok a run for his money in a "who is the most evil" contest
Confirmed Bison > Shinnok

Shinnok had to rely on his secretary to get him out of his crib :lol:
Soooo is Cammy with Delta Red during this period

Yes! this is during SF4 and it may carry over into SSF4. Juri x Satsuki :yumyum:

I'm going to copy something from Jsteele and add Side Events to show the story from different people.
Lol this reminds me why I never bothered to learn the backstory of Street Fighter, especially when the baddies have such a silly name like Shadaloo :laugh:

Nice work though Jameal, uh I mean Paul