Scorpion's Overpowered

i wouldnt say he is overpowered.But i can say there are way too many scorpions out there

It's expected considering he's one of the stand out characters for veterans and newbies alike.
and on top of that he's a fairly easy to use character, unlike sub-zero who takes getting used to. (proabably why he's not a common choice)
i mainly use scorpion, but also flicker between cyrax, sub-zero, kung lao and noob, and i dont like the way scorpion players just get branded as 'noobs'. just because there are a plethora of spear spammers, it doesnt mean there arent people who actually know how to use him.
that is true but it gets annoying when 60% of people you fight are scorpion or smoke... and most just spam hellfire and spear and teleport but i have also fought some good scorpions wich i didnt get pissed of fighting against becouse they didnt just spam his specials and scorpion seems to be a lag friendly character same with smoke.You dont want to fight against them in lag..
I find smoke to be the most overpowered. But I agree, Scorpion is overpowered to a degree. But imo I think he is the most easy of the teleport ninjas to beat. You just gotta play defensively, block and uppercut a lot.

Smoke on the other hand... smoke players can all just gtfo for all i care. Definition of cheap.
He's easy to use and very effective. That's why everyone likes him; it's like the UMP from MW2: everyone knows it is powerful and overused, but it is effective so they use it.

I personally don't use him because he is so OU that it is unoriginal and boring after a while. I won't deny that he is good, though. Not OP, just easy to use.
Scorpion is my main and has been since MK first came out. I find these "overpowered" or "broken" threads to be a cop out simply because you can't figure out your opponent. Scorpion is actually quite easy to beat, his spear is slow to launch and slower to recover, his scissor take down is basically never used by the people I've played against and his teleport can be blocked like any other side teleport leaving him open for a nice combo string. Now, the hellfire, I guess this is the one that people complain about because lets face it, everyone loves to duck and block. With Scorpion, keep moving, dash is your friend, once you dash to avoid the hellfire, put in a nice combo and lather rinse and repeat. I guarantee the so called teleport and hellfire spammers will stop using those and once they do, enjoy the mounting victories.
To be honest Scorpion is weak sauce if not in the right players hands. I would say i defeat any Scorpion user 90% with Sub, reptile or Kung.

Ppl seem to zone with rushdown and most crumble
Scorpion is a goof:
I just played against someone and the ONLY thing he did the entire match was Teleport + ground fire. I tried as best as possible to counter but it didnt work.

The ****ing ground flame NEEDS to be nerfed and blockable
His spear is the only thing that annoys me a little... With lag and its speed.... Esp. b/c it's AA?! WTF! How can a straight rope just show up in you while you are above him? Oh video game logic...
Regarding the actual thread, you can't just say someone is OP and needs to be nerfed from one fight you had online with some scrub. Patches have to based on group opinion, as well as tons of tests and analysis.
I just played against someone and the ONLY thing he did the entire match was Teleport + ground fire. I tried as best as possible to counter but it didnt work.

The ****ing ground flame NEEDS to be nerfed and blockable

I do agree that Scorpions hellfire needs to be blockable, IMO the only moves in the game that should be unblockable are throws. Either way that strat is completely easy to beat. You can beat his teleport with a jump/towards kick (you will be going away after he teleports) or a fast projectile, if he tries to teleport right as he gets up
HELLFIRE this move with lag is ridicoulous really and most matches have lag online even with 4 green. sometimes i goto jump and it gets me while in the air and brings me back to the ground. nightwolfs thunder you can dashout or jump scorpions you have to jump or get hit. this is the only move of his i think is a problem online. leave it unblockable but be able to dashout of it. if its meant for blocking opponents ( like stated earlier in the thread) then it should not hit me advancing toward a player it tracks that is a problem. I beat scorpion my friend plays a good one sometimes he beats me but the FIre is one of those moves in thegame that are oped ONLINE. If im playing versus it easier to see the start up. raidens teleport noobs range game crucial online esp if your playing ont he level with all the sand blowing laggiest ever . Before theY fix or change character change tHE netcode!!!
I just played against someone and the ONLY thing he did the entire match was Teleport + ground fire. I tried as best as possible to counter but it didnt work.

The ****ing ground flame NEEDS to be nerfed and blockable

Must be the lag. Offline matches like that would be easy for me. No nerfs are needed, a lag fix is. That would also explain how you couldn't counter if the teleports were that obvious. So in short it was either lag or you need to practice a bit more. Scorpion is tough but not in need of a nerf.
*Insert Character Name Here* is overpowered because I lost to him. :(

THANK YOU. Scorpion isn't overpowered. His moves are so easy to dodge/block and punish. Now I play as Scorpion, but I don't spam his specials. I string em in with combos. That's why I'm hard to beat. You just lost to the guy and got pissed.
i've been using scorpion alot recently i'm not really good but hes hard to use correctly but easy to spamm with but by no means is he overpowered.

because if spamming equated to power then smoke would be the most powerful in the game. but that is sub-zero imo.
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People's inability to defend against a teleport move, and thus hating any character with a teleport, makes me laugh. It's so easy to stop, and you get a FREE hit or combo. Your preference!

I personally have no problem with Scorpion users, even when it's their last resort. He's actually my favorite character since I stumbled onto the MK1 machine at my local bowling alley about 20 years ago, and I think he stinks in this one. So I hardly use him.

Block, teleport-counter, or jump the spear. Jump the hellfire (here you have to actually develop some type of intuition or anticipatory ability to succeed). And block the teleport.

Adapt. Improve.