Scorpion's Overpowered

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Yes, your favourite all time character is overpowered. Why?

I entered a battle as Sektor, trying to Enjoy my limited Trial time (Thanks to the bloody PSN). Now, this guy comes up as Scorpion, we start the match. I beat him, but then, in the other round, he started spear spamming. If I blocked, he simply used the ''Hellfire'' attack, and if I was near, he simply used ''Takedown''. Now, if I let my block down, he somehow beats me up with a two - hit attack (which devastatingly takes away your health) and then spears me again. If I don't let my guard down, he either takedowns me or simply uses Hellfire.

Now, I've realized that all my losses are against players who used Scorpion to cheap their way out. He has got a very fast ranged attack that stuns AND damages the enemy AND pulls the enemy to his range, which is his signature. But it's way too f**king fast. Secondly, the Hell Fire attack can't be blocked. Even if you jump to counter it, he spears you and boom. Suddenly, combos. Two hits take %20 of my health.

Let's say I'm in close combat - he spears me. If I block, he suddenly uses Takedown and boom. When I try to get up, Spear. If that doesn't work, Hellfire. Close Range, Takedown.

What are your thoughts on this totally overpowered exploit? I've had enough.
I agree i was fighting this guy and i kept winning every match we fought and then he picked scorpion and he beat me so he kept choosing scorpion,alot of people are always using scorpion.
All the characters with teleport-hit move are annoying (yes I'm looking at you Ermac and Smoke). I played online and enjoyed to kick some Smoke spammer's asses! Thank God Smoke's only good special is his teleport!
That's because the game is laggy as hell. Teleports are way to powerful with the current delay. I've had matches where I lost to tp spam simply because the session wasn't fast enough to recognize my block input. Oh.. and if you finally block one, chances are you'll drop the juggle.
disagree, scorpions the easiest teleporting ninja to beat, his teleport seems slower than the rest, nothing compared to smokes teleport. hellfires just there to punish those who constantly block( ive started many a match where my opponent is holding block down before doing anything, which in my opinion is a bit of a dirty tactic, start the defense after the first blow in my opinion), you know what to do against scorpion players? stay nimble on your feet, block sparingly and think before you attack back.

Im a scorpion player i just like him, but he has his many weaknesses, which in my opinion are that his attacks are very easy to block or get round. Ill only throw in the hell fire if the opponent is just standing there blocking as its not the only way to avoid attacks.

Everyone has a way to get around folk blocking constantly, i believe overhead popup attacks are unblockable from the crouch posisiton
indeed im a cyrax player just started playing online yesterday and most my opponents were scorpion i was a bit surprised thinking that scorpion was overpowered just like u said but the amount of people that plays him is OVERWHELMING so just keep playing eventually u'll learn how to punish scorpion... i can punish him really easily due to excessive amount of scorpions that i fought...
Scorpion is definitely NOT overpowered, he is about high mid-tier, according to Tom Brady (if you dont know who that is, find out).
he has several tools that give him an ADVANTAGE over many characters but his gameplay style is "Risk and Reward". havent you noticed that blocking his teleport/spear lands you a free combo? or maybe your skills need a bit of refining hmm? ;)
Honestly I don't know what you're talking about. Takedown is a really slow move, plus it can't hurt you if you're jumping or blocking low. Hellfire has plenty of telegraphing, so if you see him do it (provided there's not too much lag) get off the ground. The spear and teleport are both very slow to recover from, so you can go all apeshit on them when they miss it, and (again, provided there's not too much lag) you can easily see it coming and block unless you're already doing something else in which case it's just a good catch from the other player. And what is this 2-hit combo that does 20%? Scorpion's highest combo's are 15% and both of them are three hits...

Are you sure it wasn't just lag? Any scrub can spam attacks and win when it's lagging enough.
i'm tired of all of us saying that characters are over powered just because you lose cheaply. learn to read the player if you lose from spaming then your making it to easy for them to spam change it up stop being predictable.

and if you lose online who cares nobody wins all the time. an just because scorpion is a good spamer doesn't mean he's overpowered it's means your predictable.
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scorpion is NOT overpowered. i dont even use him but when ever i fight him i win probably 90% of the time, you just have to be up close or someone with a teleport, not that hard. he is very noob friendly because all of his moves are very easy to pull off and you dont have to do more then a 3 hit combo to win. the only overpowed/annoying/cheap characters are raiden and kung lao IMO!
I'm not talking about teleport at all. His main feature that bugs me is his spear. Too fast, if you ask me.

I can block his teleport, and yes, I do use that moment of oppurtunity to my advantage. It's just that then spear spamming starts. I know Hellfire is made for people who simply block, but when my opponent is spear spamming, I can't do much.

You see, I try to teleport after a failed spear. Boom. I'm ''getting over there''.

He spears, I try to move. Boom. Teleport rape.

He spears, I block. He spears, I block again. Hellfire.

I'll agree with poopinghead, I win when I'm close to Scorpion, but the problem is, I CAN'T.

I try to move towards him, he suddenly Takedowns me. I try to teleport towards him, he suddenly spears me.

Also, the lag is atrocious. I can't move! I try to move, my character's standing still. I've got a perfect oppurtunity to strike, but I punch five seconds later. Great job at Online Connection, Sony.
He is not overpowered, yes he has a big advantage with teleport punch, but he has a big weakness too, block and he will roll in the air open to a long combo, just that. People complaint about the rivals advantages instead of trying to find their weakness. Find them and stop the not necessary character nerfing, glitches and infinites should be nerfed/patched but not the advantages.
Scorpion isn't Overpowered

but he is really annoying to face, I'd love for them to make hellfire blockable (if i can block bullets why the hell can't i block fire!!!)

I'd just love to go online without someone constantly throwing spears and teleporting all over the place
Sounds like the Scorpion user is just more skillful than you. Which is okay. but you can't just say OH SCORPIONS overpowered ... And if were talking about teleports. IMO Scorpions teleport is the easiest to anticipate > Block .... Have you not played a Smoke spammer yet !? lol ...

I know all of Scorpion's weaknesses and strengths... One thing is Scorpion doesn't have a long combo (unless you combine them with Spear, Cold shoulder or Blade overhead) ..

How is complaining about Scorpion's " cheap " teleport/spear any different than me complaining about always getting kicked by Johnny Cage as soon as I get up after getting dash kicked in the face, .... assuming it wasn't enhanced lol.
As I have said before, the thing that bugs me is teleport spam. And, excuse me, but I was winning the match. I had around % 60 health and he had around % 25. He was doing normal combos with a spear and teleport here and there - the way I played it. Then, after falling down to % 25, he started Spearing me all the time and he won.

If not for the spear spam, I was winning. Yes, I know he has weaknesses but when I come up against 12 year olds who simply spear you to death, I get annoyed. And that's why the title's so harsh.