Scorpion's Overpowered

Scorpion is definitely NOT overpowered, he is about high mid-tier, according to Tom Brady (if you dont know who that is, find out).
he has several tools that give him an ADVANTAGE over many characters but his gameplay style is "Risk and Reward". havent you noticed that blocking his teleport/spear lands you a free combo? or maybe your skills need a bit of refining hmm? ;)

TB does not make his Tierlists based on Online play... and online, scoripion is kinda like Overpowered. You cant do shit against his moves, same to Smoke and Cyrax.
scorpion is not overpowered. he is just overpopular because most people don't take the time to learn how to play defense and punish his teleport and avoid his spear.
We should just have jabs and kicks then no more of this over powered crap. If you are going to kick their ass kick their ass, no beating around the bush. If you get your ass kicked well, stop crying and start training. Find out where you come up short.
Scorpion overpowered? Please, there are certainly better characters than him. If you constantly move around, his hellfire attack is literally useless. His takedown is easy to recognize, the spear moves slow, and his teleport is easy to block. Just my 2 cents though.
Yeah scorpion is pretty boring . The only thing that is overpowered with him is that his hellfire stops Kabals nomad dash, seriously ? Other fighters can walk over the shit but it catches me mid dash? Doesn't make sense

Oh and also the hitbox of his spear on a jumping opponent, that's just retarded how it manifests itself higher... but still he's no where near overpowered.

I always even no block the last round just to babyality him

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After all the Scorp's I have fought... I have effectively become a Scrubpion bull-dozer.

And besides, anyone can spam their special moves. I could stand in a corner as Mileena and use my sais and tp, but she is still definitely not over powered...
Scorpion is this game's Ken. he's a cool enough character (cooler than Ken at least), and his moves are effective if you're just learning the game. Still, there are definitely ways around it. You just have to accept that when you're fighting Scorp you're gonna have to play your character in a certain way if you want to beat him. otherwise even a scrub can beat you. You play enough scrubs, you'll find your ways around it. just takes time. you'll get those scrubby Scorps eventually