Scariest Movie?


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I'm a hard sleeper she'd probably leave and say screw this now if she was breathing over while sleep I wake up fighting

That's the thing about Samara! You can't fight her! All she has to do is look at you and you die a horrible death, your face contorted into grotesque expressions! That's what makes her so. ****in. Scary.


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That's the thing about Samara! You can't fight her! All she has to do is look at you and you die a horrible death, your face contorted into grotesque expressions! That's what makes her so. ****in. Scary.

have you ever seen the Ju-on verison another movie that remind me of the little girl is a movie called Dark Waters not the english Japanese verison that you'd probebly **** your pants


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1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. The Ring

Has anyone seen the 4th Kind? This was the only time I saw my brother freak out. XD


Fun thread.

Sadly, most horror movies fail to scare me.

Some of which I find scary/well-made are:

  • The Blair Witch Project
  • The Grudge/Ju-on
  • The Ring (the "corpse in closet vision" scene, and the "TV" scene; strangely, for me, the Japanese original is not scary)
  • The Excorcist (the "spider walk" scene in the new version, and the "white face demon")

"white face demon":


Some more decent horror flicks (some people find them scary... pff hahaha):

Inside (A l'interieur)- I gotta say, this was a really good slasher. I was flinch city when the dude's head got shotgunned.

Really??!! I thought that was one of the worst/most boring and laughable "horror" movies ever made (IMHO, of course!) (I know it gets decent ratings on Amazon, etc.).
Both me and my girlfriend fell asleep during it.

"High Tension", on the other hand, I could appreciate.

I general, I don't consider these violent gore movies "scary"... "disturbing" maybe -- mostly for the fact that I wonder about the mental health of the people who make them, and even more so, that some people might take them seriously and actually enjoy them.

If you really want disturbing, "Irreversible" might be one for you. Altough I seriously don't recommend that one.
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This movie was banned in some countries...

Good old Cannibal Holocaust...

I love 80's Italian cannibal and zombie movies! Sadly, my enjoyment of many of them is spoiled by the real animal killings in them -- something I cannot stand and have zero tolerance for. Thus, I am in a dilemma.
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Hey just got back from watching insidious, nearly shat myself, anyways...

I was just wondering, what in your opinion is the scariest movie ever???

To me, the most traumatizing was signs, that movie left me scared for months, but then again, it might be because i watched it when i was like 8 :\

Also lol at darth mauls cameo in insidious :p

What was the Movie called? With that Clown, Pennywise? Damn i was younger, but that Movie scared me to death... and ofc Nightmare on Elmstreet, the original Movie, first part... watched that as Kid, damn... i wish i never had done that lol.

Scary Mother****er: Stephen Kings "It", right?


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I liked how everyone thought the Shining was mad scary and when I watched it I was practically laughing at some of the stuff in it. REDRUM! HERE'S JOHNNY! And then the giant wave of blood I said wth?

And then the best most cheesy effect... frozen Jack Nicholson,lol.


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Don't go in that room! For the love of god don't go in the room! Holy shit what the **** was that! Turn on a light! Shoot your flamethrower! Stop making this so scary!


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The original Spain movie "Rec" and "28 days later" was very creepy imo because of the atmosphere they had and also the old Demons 1 and 2 was something like the exorcist movie but with more action scenes, still good horror flicks for the time they made.

The Marshall

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I haven't watched too many scary movies

cause im a huge pussy when it comes to those things (I'll admit it, come at me bro!)

But i did watch the ring and it scared the shit outta me, especially that scene with them finding some girl dead (i think she was "scared to death) or something along those lines

anyway google image "the ring" and see what im talking about

still scares me to this day


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This may make no sense to some people, but I thought Paranormal Activity 1 was crap but 2 was genuinely spooky and startling, just gives you that tasteful progress of how the light of day is okay and the night is ****ing scary and soon they begin to blur into one horrifying experience that never ends until everyone dies.

And Insidious scared the crap out of me (when it wasn't making me laugh), but it was a movie I could appreciate because I LOVE the whole Silent Hill transcending dimensions concept (plus the random scene in the kitchen with the demon popping up behind the guy was WELL-PLANNED)

Rec and Not even a little.

The trailers for The Strangers nearly made me shit myself, although the movie itself turned out bad.

Evil Dead was amazing, to say the least.

I saw Drag Me To Hell a while ago, the plot was cool, but not very scary.

All in all, my all time Scariest Movie has to go to...Monkeybone. I was young, that movie was too much for me.


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When I was a kid, Hellraiser and Night of the Living Dead kept me awake for countless nights. In the modern day horror movies, The Ring was by far the best one I've seen.


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Speaking of which, I think it's safe to assume Movie Trailers can be far scarier than the movies itself.

I've yet to see Guillermo del Toro's Are You Afraid Of The Dark, but I still die every time I hear the blackness saying "I see you. Sitting the dark..."

nightmare fuel.

OH, but I change my choice for Scariest Movie. It goes to that "Suicide Mouse" video going around on Youtube right now. Scary shit.


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Someone recommend me something that you think will scare me...a link to the movie would be well appreciated too. :)

I know no fear.