R.I.P Chi Cheng 1970-2013


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Another death in the music family. He got into a car accident that rendered him in a coma 5 years ago and he unexpectedly died in his coma yesterday.

The best thing you can do for his family is listen to the music he made and make best wishes for his family on Facebook or Twitter or hop on this website: http://oneloveforchi.com/

My condolences to his friends and family.

Here is a video 4 years ago that was made to support his family to get funding for his affliction since the insurance company that was covering him stopped the funding in mid January.

i'm glad he finally passed, poor guy, that wasn't living. i'm so sorry for his family and his friends and the fact of how the insurance company abandoned him just makes this all the sadder. rock on chi wherever you are, thanks for all the great music you provided us fans with over the years.
R.I.P Chi
5 yrs of suffering is too long to go through and now you are in a much better place. Wherever you go Chi, keep rocking hard. My condolences to his family and friends.
I knew this would certainly be a possibility when I found out that he had gotten into that car accident, but I'm still saddened to hear about this, just like when I was first aware of Clive Burr's long battle with MS that he recently lost. In fact, to be quite honest, I was extremely pessimistic about this the minute I heard about Cheng's wreck. Although this is a blessing in disguise, as we now know that Cheng will no longer suffer.

I am aware that Cheng was not wearing his seat belt when this happened; what's shocking to me is the fact that he managed to live for nearly 4 and a half years in the aftermath, even after being taken off life support after 7 months. Folks, I shouldn't have to say this, but let this be a valuable lesson to wear your seat belt EVERY time you step into a motor vehicle, and make sure your fellow passengers do the same; it could save your life.
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He lived for that long after being taken off life support? Wow...

He must have had a really strong spirit.

Condolences on my behalf to him and his family. :(