Patch notes are released

I do wonder why Black Adam got the brunt of the nerfs (although I couldn't care about people who use him complaining. Makers my life easier Lol)

I can only imagine it was tournament players that got these changes. They play tested the game so NRS have close ties with them also any tournament always ended with a BA showdown. Either Supes v BA or batman vs BA or BA vs BA.

Rico's reaction is priceless though lol
I've come to the conclusion that everyone in the game is viable as long as the person using them has good matchup experience , patience , and great character knowledge. Yes , some characters have more tools than others and are a bit easier to use. I believe that BA will still be a viable choice even though he did get hit kind of hard. The only nerf he got that I don't agree with is his damage scaling. I don't feel bad for "tier whores" though. If the only reason tournament players are using him is to win the $$$ then too bad.

If I had a chance to play in a tournament I would use Lex. Plain and simple. Would I win? Probably not. But I wouldn't turn tail and run to BA or Superman just to win. I am very excited for the new patch to be released.

BTW the mystery skin is probably gonna be MOS Zod.
Viable online and against average to above average players? Yes. But viable in a top-level tournament? No way. I don't care how good you are. You will not win a major using Lobo or Bane. I understand that these people travel and spend money to win money, and I see why they would use Black Adam and Superman, but those characters also effect people that play the game for fun.
I have nothing to complain about with these patches. My only concern is MMH and Aquaman....
So, can we all agree that Wonder Woman is the best character in the game?


Dang, it feels good to be a gangsta!
Feels good that Hawkgirl is well balanced that she didn't need any damage nerfs or buffs at all, except for tweaks so she can hit smaller characters with MB Mace Charge. So far, only her and Diana were only slightly tweaked, while some of the low tiers got a helpful buffs and one top tier got hammered with nerfs.
Lobo and Ares will be used all day on 10/1. Some things to think about...

Lobo is getting an extra nuclear shot loaded. Well technically another two since it's a double-barrel shotgun. haha. But you can shoot it twice now. Currently...

21~MB Pump Shot:
No trait: 25%
Trait: 28%
After patch: ~30-31%

Grundy will be getting a damage boost to his Grave Rot as well as the MB version.

112~MB Swamp Hands, ->, B3, JI3, 1~4~Health Chain: 51%
With Grave Rot: 54%
With MB Grave Rot: 57%
With MB Grave Rot and Grave Rot stacked: 59%
After Patch: Probably an extra 2% added to each one. I don't see Grundy getting too much of a damage boost.

(As an added note... most people do 11~4. I just do 1~4. The 3% extra worth of meter gain for them isn't worth the 1% extra damage that doing 11 will do instead of just 1)

EDIT: Just heard that Chris G is dropping Black Adam as a secondary and will "figure something out." This is why I have respect for him. He doesn't get salty and quits the whole game like Rico.
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I'm mostly happy for hook overhead.
Like yes!

Also Lobo's trait is tits. You can load it whenever plus even if you get hit you still have the shells; stay the same trait :love:
This is why sometimes it is good to have backup character just in case something significant happens during a new patch release. Even if Hawkgirl gets hurt with a few nerfs, I'll still use her locally, but for tournaments, Green Lantern and Green Arrow will be my go-to fighters.
Hook charge being overhead will be nice. Green Arrow and Green Lantern are good tournament characters. You can cover quite a few matchups between them. But what I'm wondering is how these blocked MB specials will work. You can now MB Green Arrow's Stinger and Bane's Venom Uppercut. Green Arrow's MB Stinger usually hits high. I hope they set it to hid mid instead. If it hits high still, it won't even really be worth using meter for in my opinion. I'm also wondering how Bane's MB Venom Uppercut will work when blocked. Will he just go into the air and kick the air? Or will it hit high so it can hit grounded opponents? Normal Stinger is now -13 instead of -25. Even how it is how, It's hard to punish online. Once it's -13, it won't be punishable online I'm pretty sure. MB version will have frame advantage when blocked. +5/+6 I'd guess. Now that he actually crouches when holding an arrow, counter-zoning will be crazy. D4, dash out of it, go back into D4. It will definitely help with some matchups. Especially Dickstroke.
I like how his head goes through his armor on his win pose.

and how Lobo's chain on his arm goes through his arm on his win pose.