Patch notes are released

Still no dash cancels, I'm not hyped to play again :/

More armor on Cat Dash is good news, but they Super Nova'd my future secondary, guess I'll pick up another character to cover Cat's bad MUs.
Some people on TYM are thinking Wonder Woman & Manhunter are going to be the new top characters.

I'm thinking the new top 5 will be, in no specific order; Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Batgirl & Martian
Green Arrow has ridiculous mixups and knocked arrow + Jumping around is one of the most threatening things in the game.

Black Adam was not OP. He had a good way of getting in, good damage and good zoning. Aka a strong character. He only has 2 low attacks, neither of which lead to additional damage. And because you can't punish him he's OP? It isn't like his stomp is perfect. It still gets beat by MBb3's, whiff punishing and moves with higher priority.

Green Arrow has good mixups but he's not OP, he's upper-mid tier. Black Adam was OP, that's why he got nerfed. Getting in and getting out for free defies fighting game logic. Yes you can punish with meter burned B3/F3 but why should you have to use meter to punish something that is meterless? Doesn't sound balanced to me. Can you name any other character in any fighting game that has a full screen overhead special that gets you in and out for free? Nope. Characters don't get nerfed for no reason. Sometimes people say characters get nerfed because people complain about them, but they complain about them BECAUSE they are OP. Superman and Black Adam are very OP, with factual evidence to back it up. Aquaman is strong but the only broken thing about him was his trait. Proof that a top tier character can be balanced.
Didn't we already discuss this topic in the General Gameplay Discussion thread? He's not "Safe", 9 times out of 10 those who complain usually are the ones who are ignorant of the match up and cry because it's not easy enough, and his dive kick defies fighting game logic? Have you seem Cage?! He has +Advantage on almost ALL of his normals and ALL practicals combos lead into chip set ups that force you to guess, and he can back off whenever he wants to, in order to catch your counter poke or punishment, sounds like Adam's dive kick to me, but 1000000 times better, in the aspect of getting in and out without consequence.

Like seriously man, just because a character win tournaments consistently doesn't mean they're OP, just because a characters tools are better than another doesn't mean they're OP, it just simply shows that one character is better than another, and nothing more. Adam has his even and bad MUs, but Rico played such a clean style that it made the character look ridiculously good.

I don't care what anyone says, Adam didn't deserve to be super Nova'd like that, they freakin' Kano'd this character, I don't even think he'll be top 10 anymore, which sucks the rawest amount of ass on this savage planet ruled by people who don't wanna work a little harder for a win than others.

Most characters cannot punish his divekick, especially online. I went into Practice mode to test it. Green Arrow for example... you can't even D1 or arrow him before he can block. 100% safe to get in and out. It's dumb. Johnny Cage's frame advantage is dumb also, but overall he isn't OP. I don't recall one major being won by a Cage player. There is a lot more dumb shit in MK though, it's far less balanced than Injustice. That's a whole other story though. I was in an online Practice with a friend and even tested punishing his divekick with Aquaman's D1. Neither of us could do it even once. and he's a much better player than me and mains Aquaman.
Yes. We should base balance patches and adjustments on online play.

That way, the adjustments are magnified in offline environments where things like this actually matter.
A jab punish online turns into a full combo beatdown at tournaments.
Full combo punish from a jab would be insanity.

Who knows about the Black Adam thing. Maybe he'll get hot fixed or something
You can full combo punish with a jab with most characters in most fighting games. and please direct me to where I said things should be tailored to online only. Don't put words in my mouth.
I didn't say that they should cater to just online. But it's still something to consider, since people play it. Something should not be patched strictly because of online though. Do you know what the word especially means? It means that it's a problem offline also. But EVEN MORE SO online. I already explained this before.
I never said online play didn't matter, I said it shouldn't considered when changing the game because it isn't as important as offline.

Take Raiden's MK9 teleport. A move that is a bit difficult to punish online. Offline however it's fairly easy. If they nerfed it so that it was easier to punish online, then offline (Where the money is made) it would laughably easily to punish.
Yeah, I realize this. But it's stupid even offline, regardless. Which is why it's getting nerfed. Things don't get nerfed for no reason.
Of course things don't get nerfed for no reason, unfortunately that reason is usually NRS listening to complaints too much.

Case in point being Black Adam getting a divekick nerf AND a dash nerf. He only needed one or the other. Nerf the divekick and it's punishable by jab special. Nerf the dash and it's punishable by grab. But nerf both and you've destroyed his ground game and his air game. Then toss in some damage nerfs, even though you've messed up his ability to open people up.

It was too much. You're letting your hate of the character and your prejudice against top tiers cloud that fact for you
I don't hate characters because they are top tier, but top tier characters usually deserve more hate. It's because of dumb stuff that they become top tier, a lot of the time. I don't hate Cyrax or Kabal. Kabal is super hard to fight against, but he takes talent to use. My friend Codeman completely dominates me when he uses Kabal, but I give him praise. I don't hate Freddy, Kenshi, or Sonya. There is only one character in all of MK that I truly hate. I don't hate Batman overall, mainly just his J2. His bat recovery and B23 are kind of lame but those are getting patched. Black Adam and Superman will still be very viable characters, as is Deathstroke and Scorpion.
Superman will still be viable, but Black Adam I don't see. We'll have to see just how severe the damage scaling and dash nerfs are.

Also why don't you hate Cyrax? Guy is pretty easy to use.
Cyrax isn't really hard to use, but he's not easy. Which is why there aren't a lot of Cyrax players online. You see him at tournaments because of his resets. Which I do not use.