Official Street Fighter Thread

Daaaammn, my girl Sakura looks amazing. I'm digging the new presentation as well. I might have to give SFV another chance once AE comes out.
Because of our charming personalities and beautiful looks?

... Fair enough.

But seriously, as others already mentioned... seems like the mods and admins abandoned ship a long time ago. The only times I see some activity from them is when some spambot finds their way to here.
I didn't even know the SRK forums were shutting down.

Honestly I think the members there would be more likely to go to Test Your Might than here. There's far more activity there than here.
Speaking of the Test your Might forums...
I've always heard they are very hardcore into gamplay discussions, but not so much lore and aesthetics... is that really the case?
I gotta say that's some amazing work by Capcom with those VT2s
some of the characters will get some pretty sick setups, ye Ibuki you for sure
The Nash one is pretty cool as well and also Guile with Flash kicks which throw out mini sonic booms how cute lol

overall Im impressed
Well to anyone who lives in US. Congrats on getting AE, while we EU peasants have to wait for it until 19th.

If anyone will be playing Juri, it would be awesome to know how she plays after update. I need to prepare my heart. Cause that "changed hurtbox" means nothing to me.


Eeeeh... so I got AE as well.. so it is only PS4 EU that won't be getting SFV until 19th? Welp... whoop whoop.
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If you already have SFV, you can download the AE version today, no matter where in the world you are from.
However, buying the complete SFV:AE edition from scratch means that the EU player will have to wait.

I am dowloading the update now.



That Cody’s Haggar costume is hilarious to me! XD
I think the only reason G is getting a Q costume is because people have been conspiring about them being the same character since Season 3 was revealed, even though they look absolutely nothing alike. Seriously, people only think this because they both have a one letter name… and that’s it, that’s their only reasoning. Absolutely moronic! G looks nothing like Q at all.
Can someone confirm whether or not you unlock all season 1 and 2 characters via vanilla version? Someone told me they had them all when they get the AE update. If this is true, I know what version I getting tonight.
If you already have SFV, then the AE modes are free. Not the S1+2 characters.
However, if you buy the SFV:AE edition, the S1+2 characters are already unlocked.
Well, Sakura story mode was a breath of fresh air... very cleansing air too. It washed away Abigail's "story" mode experience.
Most of the story mode sequences aren't very good, but Capcom went full-on retard with Abigail. They make the visual novel format look bad.
Most of the story mode sequences aren't very good, but Capcom went full-on retard with Abigail. They make the visual novel format look bad.

Amen. To be honest on depth level, Sakura's was the best so far. It actually told a decent short story, which actually made me think, unlike most of the stories. "I am gonna go fight 4 random guys for the lolz" or... sigh... "Vrooom, vrroooom, vroooooooooooooom!"