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I might get some flak for saying this, but I hope they don't add anymore characters that were in SSF2. Just because that was a classic doesn't mean that all of it's characters have to be in every single SF game. Sagat was really the only that was missing that I thought was a necessity. Mainly because he was the original boss and he was one of the four original Shadaloo members. And though I'm happy to see Blanka, I wouldn't complain if he never did get added.

I'd like it be a mix of characters that debuted in Alpha(or at least made their playable debuts), SF3 and SF4. Especially if they weren't in USF4.


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SF2 is well-represented as it is, I would rather have more Alpha and SF3 characters. Juri was the the only character from SF4 that I kind of wanted, but Capcom mucked around with her moveset. I would also like characters from Final Fight or even Rival Schools.


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So did Cody
get parole, or even a pardon, or something like that?

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We don't know yet, however, there was a leak some time ago describing two characters as "Mayor" and "President". Since G looks like a roided up Lincoln hobo with gold splattered all over him, people think he's the "President" in the leak. And the "Mayor" is supposedly Cody.

It would explain why he's all cleaned up and fancy, however, it just seems like such a shift of character for him to all of a sudden become a politician. Some people speculate that Haggar stepped down and Cody took over, but it's just so out of character for Cody. Hopefully Capcom has a decent explanation, if it turns out to be true.

However, the leak also said Sodom would be in season 3 along with Sagat And Sakura, but we got Blanka instead, so hopefully it is wrong about Cody being a mayor as well.
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The leak wasnt wrong, at least not the leak that matters which is by Flowtron. He said Sagat, Sakura, Blanka, Mayor (Cody), Bae (Falke) and President (G). From what I gather Cody is the new mayor, and G is the president of something. That guy is never wrong. Just dont read SF reddit leaks that arent by him cause they all fail.


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I don't trust any leaks. At all. Ever.
They're worth nothing to me until there's an actual official confirmation on it.
I don't care how on point the leakers have been with past leaks.


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Yeah, hence why I only trust official confirmations and sources.
But hey, even those can turn out to be wrong, as the devs might change something.

Exactly. So listening to third source is like playing "broken telephone". The guy might have gotten a killstreak before, but doesn't mean it ain't gonna end, when devs decide to make last second change. And some people might even try to blame the "third guy" for that. So taking that as assumptions is the safest and best way in my opinion.


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Not to mention... I've been trolled so many times in the past with fake leaks and rumours, getting my hopes up for nothing. By considering them all to be fake, it can only go upwards and get pleasantly surprised from there. :p


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Guys... GUYS! Two new costumes! Brand new costumes fooooooor... CHUN LI! Yay! I can't believe they finally added 2 more costumes for her! Her wardrobe was pretty limited as it is, and the last update was like a whole MONTH ago. Good thing CAPCOM made sure, that fans get what they want.

No, but seriously, these guys have some hardcore fetish going on.


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I should stop watching CapcomUnity streams. Those streams will cause me brain damage, from the amount of facepalms I get.

No frame data, not showing any features. Just mindlessly jumping around with Sakura and talking about something something not street fighter.

Oh and players who have no idea what they are doing.


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Ok let's see... Hmmm...

Training mode changes... hmm... pretty good.
More learning options, good, good.

As of January 16, you will be able to change your Fighter ID (FID) and Home (flag) using either 200K Fight Money or MSRP $9.99 in the store.

Oh good. That's nice.

In Europe and Australia, the SFV: Arcade Edition disc and digital copy will arrive on January 19.


The Grand Master Rank is now available for players who have League Points of over 35,000.

Poor Masters needed a new rank to boast their ego.

Increased active frames for Regular Throws from 2F to 3F

This might finally help me to stop missing those goddamn throws.

Made revisions to the hurtboxes for jumping attacks, and to the normal moves that are primarily used as anti-airs

Hmmm... ok. Let's see what they did.

That's some long a$$ changes for Ryu, and Ken... wow.

Holy shit Chun li got some Buffs. I hope Juri got some decent buffs as well...

Where is Juri... Oh Juuri-chan. Where is my waifu?
Aha here she is. Let's see what those guys at CAPCOM did for you.

Crouching LP (Normal/V-Trigger), Crouching MP (Normal/V-Trigger), Crouching MK (Normal/V-Trigger): Changed the hurtbox

Changed the hurtbox. Ok I might be stupid here... WTF does that even mean?

I know what hurtbox is, in itself, but... changed... did you increase it or decrease it? Which s it? WHICH ONE IS IT? JEEZ! HOLY SHIT! DON'T PLAY WITH ME CAPCOM. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO JURI?

L Fuharenkyaku: Increase the active time


Ok got some damage buffs... Hmm... Not sure if I am satisfied with that.

Let's see Abigail quickly, cause that character not only looks like Freddy Kruger's personal nightmare, but is also pain in the a$$ to fight against, as he takes 1/3 of the freaking screen.

Ok this is hopeless. Everything is "changed" but didn't say in what direction.

First part of the patch notes looked nice, but when it comes to characters. I have more ??? than answers. What kind of patch notes is that?

As for stream itself... sigh. How hard is it to find someone who can play the game? They use people who have no idea what they doing to show off the character. How does that even work?
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