Official Street Fighter Thread

I hate Rufus more cause he originally was suppose to be a black man with a dope ass black gi on with fur.

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In spite of their awkward designs, Abigail and Rufus are actually kind of fun to play. I wouldn't go as far as say they are the worst characters, but there many characters I pick over them.

Has anyone seen the poll results on CFN?

I'm suprised Blanka and Q are in the top 10 but not Ken.
Rufus has a fun design actually. The way he jumps around despite his size and how his belly moves, tends to put a smirk on your face. But Abigail... just no. NO. NOOOOOOOO
Abigail looks terrible but his gameplay is pretty dope.

I thought Rufus was impossible to hate. He's too much of an awesome goof like Bob from Tekken.

Only character I really dislike is Necali, cause he looks incredibly out of place, and there's no appeal to me in his character.
Necalli would have been leagues cooler if he had more story importance

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if there is a character i can actually consider detestable for me is Fang his mannerisms just clash with his actions and just feels off to me
Fang is hot garbage. I thought he would at least be the same threat level as Sagat.

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you can't have someone who is straight up comical (well try and fail in Fang's case) and be a serious threat at the same time plus he's a deplorable coward and pulled a serious dick move on Rashid (on of the more likable newcomers).

EDIT actually i retract that statement otherwise joker would administer the gas on me

what im trying to say is you can't act like a goofball mannerism wise and try to come off as threatening
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and it annoys me more that so much screentime was put into him and Rashid who is pretty much damn near shoehorned in every scenario in the story (but at least he is thematically unique AND somewhat redeeming with some of his qualities.) over the likes of Laura and Necalli the latter whom got the Ferra Torr treatment.
I was thinking only about Kirin armor, but might try to get those two as well.

Recently started using Rika for lolz. Pretty fun to play with, just outfit could be better. I wonder if Nadeshiko would change with it as well.
Nadeshiko has different colors, but the costume is always the same.

It looks the FM rewards for doing missions have been cut in half. Extra battles can potentially even it out, but you it's a gamble since it requires a participation fee and attempts are limited.
This week, it's 3050 for the missions and up to 6000 for beating the golden Shadowloo soldier.

If Rashid is an indication, I assume it will take at least 10k FM to get these costumes, assuming you win every match. I want to get all the costumes, but generating FM is in short supply, I may have to have just pick and choose the ones I really want. Right now, the payout is too low for something that is so time sensitive.
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To those who don't know the reference, the costume is from a character called June from the game Star Gladiator/Plasma Sword.
It could have been given to another character though...


However, looking at June, she is basically space Chun Li...