Official Pictures Thread Part 2


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Well this is me, it's a small picure because it's my profile picture.

However I have a 2 week beard and a nose ring now, this picture is 2 years old.


Tanyas Husband

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Here's the first picture of me I've been comfortable sharing in my 4 years of being here.
I assure you, even though I look 13, I just recently turned 18, lol.
Not because I'm shy, but mostly because I was a whale when I joined.
Now I've made it into my senior year wrestling team and I've lost a lot of weight. :)
The hat I have is actually an MK9 snapback, but it's more comfortable put on backwards.
The shirt I'm wearing is an "Assassins Creed Unity" Tee. I recently bought an MKX shirt, but I have no pictures in it yet. I'll post it another time.


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3 and a half years and I never saw this thread :laugh:
I've taken too many pictures to choose from so I guess the best I can say is see them on my instagram.