Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Halloween 2012:

I am guessing it is going to be you with fangs!
Ya'll are going to see THE "Nasty Freak" this halloween. A whip that I bought from Spencers years ago has not been used. This Halloween will be my opportunity to use it. Get your lubes, lotions, love toys, an etc ready. Because ya'll be in for a visual treat. ;-)
A friend of mine always throws a Halloween party and everyone dresses up. I usually just got for the chicks wearing slutty costumes. But I like to dress up for Halloween. It's still fun. Though I don't trick or treat. Haven't done that since elementary school.
You can just buy another patch from eBay or something. Pretty sure there would be one that's cheap and you can just buy by itself and not have to have another BSAA one and such.
I'll be wearing the black and white mask that I made, Black paint on my face underneath, and some contacts. I have a couple outfits I could wear with it. I wore it to this halloween concert last year, but didn't get pictures. I'll definitely get some this friday though. I'm going to a friend's birthday party and it's mandatory dress-up. It's hard to explain what the costume is, because it's just something I came up with. But if you guys have ever played Dead Rising, the overall feel of it reminds me of some kind of weird cult, except a lot less colorful.


I have a picture of me and that same exact Rock statue. I'll never look at that picture the same again.