Official Pictures Thread Part 2

haha, I lol'd. I don't use resets though.

The cat's name is Calsi and she's gone :(((((((( She got out a couple months ago and I never found her, I think someone took her in. I went door-to-door so whoever has her won't let her go. meh
aha, yeah sometimes. I try to stay away from chicks for the most part (no homo). They are just a ball of mixed emotions and hard to deal with most of the time. I miss the days when it was just me and the bros in the sandbox and not a single %^#$ was given. haha. I saw your sexy ass also in the OP ;D I didn't see Shirayuki or Yung though.

My first thought when I saw this... You've got very pretty eyes. And that cat is GORGEOUS!!!

Random old picture time:

This was back in 1996... when most of you were little kids. For those of you who are playing Fantasy Football this year... this is my little brother who is the man behind The Platypunishment.


And then...


Never trust a sibling when there's a camera around.
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A recent outing with my husband, Phil.

Good times, man. Did some target practice and then did some target practice.