Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Yeah, I lost it a looooong time ago. Positives outweigh the negatives by far :) Thank God I don't have those goofy sideburns of yours :lol:
I am....sleeping....yeah !
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My hair looks like it's cut short, it's not, nooooooooooooooooooo way.


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Yes, I designed it myself (I draw in my spare time). I referenced a picture of Snow White and changed it.
Me jammin'.jpg

Jammin on the 5-string.
Been getting back to playing bass again in the last year and a half after having taken a break from it for a while, due to the new recording studio modifications.
What’s good y’all

I got the Blu Ray version. It has damn near every cut and score. PG13, US uncut, UK uncut, original Japanese cut w/English score, etc. I think you can even watch it with English language dub and Japanese score, plus a shitload of bonus features. I guess having KMFDM play during the Vega/Chun Li fight, and AIC during Ken's marriage proposal to Eliza spoiled me, because I found the Japanese score to be rather bland. Upon reading the credits, I found that the guitarist on the English language original score was John Lowery. Based on what I know about a guitarist bearing that same legal name (such as having been a session musician until 1998), I have reason to believe that this is the same guy who later played for Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie under the stage name of John 5.

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