Official MK Poetry Thread


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Afterburn said:
Woot, nobody's done a Scorpion one:

I throw my spear,
Yelling 'GET OVER HERE.'
You're dazed and confused, like you're hung over
As I pull the rope, dragging you right over.

As I saw Raiden kill Tsung and Quan Chi,
I thought to myself, my nemesis is dead. Whee!
But as Onaga came back from the past,
The elder Gods took me in, a hero at last.

Born and raised in Earthrealm,
it seems like I come from the Netherrealm.
Earthrealm also bore a kombatant, Shujinko
and he thought he was Onaga's foe.

Deafeated was I in the Nexus allowing Onaga to take the Kamidogu,
He left the fool Shujinko with me in there, me wanting to kill Jinko.
As this tournament was held of Deception,
I knew I was the only one that could win.

I defeated the Dragon King with ease,
Knowing that I was the one for the Elder Gods to please.
As I live on through the realms searching for my foe,
I will someday defeat Sub Zero.

I was singing that like a song! :D
check this one
i have cyber arms but i am no sektor
i fight with the good to stop the ouworld horor
for my alternate costume in da i put bling bling
but in deception i ben killed by the dragon king
this is not right,they killed me coz i am niga
oh edd boon u motha fucka
my blondi sonya shouldnt look like a dude
in shaolin monks u r so rude
i am leaving the mortal kombat
coz there is no right for me just coz i am black
screw u all
from summer to fall
P.S.(i am not black)
TeddyBluegrass said:
you never cease to amaze me.
i know it sucks
here a new one
my dad was a general in the edinia army when i was a little kid
now he is in his grave, and i am punished for something that i didnt did
the emperor shao kahn took me,treated me like his son
teaching me how to kill and torture for the fun
but as soon as i knewd my past
i ran away so fast
run away where no one can find me exept the rain
the one that telling me how to deal with my pain
end of
this one suks more than the one of jax


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I thought I'd revive this with a little old haiku

Lin Kuei assasin
Forward, Down, Forward, low punch
Spine ripped from the foe
Finished him

Nyeah, I just saw nobody has posted here for a while, and thought I'd throw something in.

Princess Dis

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Got a spear wrapped in my belt
Swords on my back
That's a fact
On my wall, I gotta whole lotta pelts

Run, rabbit run
Run for the setting Sun
Dark is my friend, shit
I think I'll make this into a trend

The final words you hear
are Get Over here
and if I'm feeling a little switch
you just might hear Get Over Here, Bitch!

I have no idea why I chose to do this :oops:

Edit: Maaan...this sounded better in my head


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I look like Woody Harrelson
I go to work at Cheers
Waiting tables, bringing beers
Looking at women's rears
I carry a nightstick
But I'm nothing but a poser
The guys at the bar are always calling me a hoser
I pull the pin on my grenade
Damn,now I'll never get laid

Cheap but whatever, I hate him.


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Mortal Kombat is a game that is known all around the world,
When some people play it they just want to hurl.
Scorpion and Sub-Zero are both in this game,
But all of thier moves are just the same.
What this game is known for is really cool to me,
It's the gorey and stunning FATALITY!!!


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Came up with this on the bus

The Ballard of Mortaro

Mortaro was a centaur
Shao Khan: CENTAUR
A Flippin Awesome Centaur
He didn't know how unbelievably flippin awesome he he was sad
Shao Khan: YOU SUCK
Because he wasn't allowed to play with his friends
But have a heart Mortaro...the only reason they don't let you play with your friends is because YOU OWN!!
Shao Khan: OWNED
Yeah you totally flippin own those biatches, you kain them, you pone thier little biatch asses.
Shao Khan: OWNED
See Rain over there...OWNED!!!
See Sub-Zero with all his little friends... HA OWNED!!!
See Kitana, Mileena, Reptile, Noob, Smoke, Jade....ALL OWNED!!!
You are the king of ownage Mortaro and will be sorely missed.
MORTARO: what?

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pyro scorpion

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here, somthin about a guy we all love called scorpion.

you'll know when he is near
then you'll feel pain as he nails his spear
you will scream and he will shout
I don't give a damn, get over here
and then you better get you're ass over there.


Rain Demon

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First time participating here


Running from hell from death
comin near a slope of damnation
finds Quan Chi's a bastard
Coming through realms in here and out
He found him at last with a hand on his spear
Get over here! was his last phrase
As Quan Chi fell Scorpion mad
Time to get roasty as it's time for a Toasty

I suck at poetry but i'd try my luck here to see if i improved but i can tell it isn't so good

The 7th Number

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poetry or rap....YEAH! I am going to freestyle a little....

who wants dat twizzler
dat hot ass twizzler
Shujinko is da retard from deception
We all found out that he had no perception
got fooled by a voice that had no face
what was the case with the voice with no face?
it wasnt some elder god but dat crunk ass onaga
dragon king fooling shujinko into another PS2 saga
bo rai cho showed him all his moves
even showed him his beat box grooves
sent him out to do whats right
came back crying cos he lost that fight
but master bo rai cho, but master bo rai cho
shut up boy, im tired of your crying
you need to know when someone is lying
and since you dont, armaggeddon is coming soon
thanks to the mortal kombat team and ed boon.

im out



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A shot of ice, a spear not so nice
liu kang kicks far and kung lao likes rice.
acid so hot,
yet Cage is not.
Jax's arms, metal and cold,
and Shung Tsung looked o-so freakin old!
lightning strike
as babalities make a tyke


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A lucid sound twindles
It's nice but all the same
Its sound resembles hissing
And it's driving me insane
The bushes sway to song of beast
The figure stays in place
Then with one final blinding shriek
There's acid on your face
You scream and moan and yell and groan
And burn your flesh to rain
The figure leaves and sounds again
The hiss that drives insane.