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I have another one

-Get Prepared-Raiden's Speech

Some are chosen to defend Earth, Some want to distroy it for all its worth.
Evill will win another round, Unless Earth's warriors can take em' down.
Fight for your life and the destiny of the good, I would help you if I could
Four armed dragon men you will face, and its up to u to destroy their race.
Practice is done, this is the real thing and its not fun.
Cage,this isnt another movie, you dont get paided and cant be choosey.
Sonya,this is more than a mission, you must follow their tradition.
Liu,you cant just be here for Lao, its more than revenge now.
You could die and fall flat, PREPARE FOR MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
wow, i really like all of them, especially the last one :)

hey, i have an idea, we can make a poem, and other people can guess what peson its suppoesed to be about. here, i'l lead things off...

im fat, and hey,
im really gay.
im hated just about every day.
i hate to be sheer,
but i am queer,
and now im here, to screw your rear, my dear...

just a 5second i'll work on one seriously and post it later.

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I do ask that if you are going to do something, please try to keep it "toned down". A lot of people think if they cuss or talk about sex they are being mature, but it most cases they are being "immature".


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how about this one

mortal kombat is not about death, but life
sure, that sounds good till you get stabbed with a knife.
you'll find that all you knew can end in that moment,
the thought of saving other lives will console you wont it?
you thought it was a noble path, to fight to save the earth.
but such a noble path has saved you from your own rebirth.
drawing your last breath, you taste the sours of defeat.
the cause you fought for with all you had leaves you at another's feet.

ode to a losing battle


:eek: Holy **** everyone ! These poems are awesome, and this thread kicks serious ........ ! Seriously, i love them. I'll post a poem soon hopefully but for now i'll sit back and watch you amazing people at work ! Keep up the awesome poems folks!!! :D

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I sit in the sky
Watching them die
I can't let this go on

Lamenting the fate
This cannot wait
It's time for their Salvation

-Raiden witnessing invasion of Earthrealm

Yeah..Poetry was never my strong suit :)


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here i stand big and tall when the heroes come i'll watch them fall and for the realms i'll rule them all because i'm shao kahn conquerer of all. that's all i've got.

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This ones not about mk,but it;s all I have for now.

Suicide note

Life has ended so it seems,
In utter and utmost tragety,
When death comes knocking at my door,
My soul will not live one day more,
For graves are dug for death nomore,
While Knocking at the devils door,
And so I send my last regrets,
To a soul of death with no repent,
If life shall end in such a way,
Then I leave this world at my own dismay,
If this is how my life will stay,
Then take away this F#$%ing pain.


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If you want some poems.....then wait till i get all mine uploaded...i have one for every character...some good some not so good but hey...poems for MK should be its own board!


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I am not a ninja
am a lin kuei with a heart
thats black and cold
icy pain has been in my veins
ever since frost turned her back on me
she stole my medallion and was consumed
by her special power of ice
so after that as bury her grave i feel
sad and betrayed


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right... if this is to be the poems thread, it should apply not only to mk related material. good call deadskull. heres one from my scrapbooks, about my experiences with females.


why i cant have her... i cant have my girl
it's simply because her interests make me hurl.
incessant talking and gossip about nothing;
this kind of behavior just keeps me gagging.
just do me a favor and fuck off bitch!
unless you can actually scratch my itch.
and what that means is no playing games,
no taking down numbers with other guy's names,
or girls for that matter, is that so hard?
because that for me, you image would shatter.
dont you know what you want?
well i sure dont.
and if you can't figure it out,
i sure wont.
you dont like what i like, and i cant stand yours...
and why are you all such greedy whores?
im not even sure why i got with you, im sure it had something to do with liquor.
but seeing you again now that youre sober, couldn't possibly make me sicker.

Malitor Greymaulkin

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These last few posts are carrying the burden of a spirit of depression.. I can't condone it. I say get back to the light-heartedness of creative MK-related poetry and word manipulation.


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Johnny Cage (2nd poem of Cage)

I may not be Lui Kang,
but I go out with a bang.
I have my shadow kick,
which makes the battle end quick.
Whether winning in a flawless victory or not,
I make sure to give an autograph of my headshot.

There you go Malitor. 8)


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Re: Noob-Saibot poem

:D cool its aigght


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sigh... alright. i guess i have to conform, is that it?

former protector of sindel,
i now question kahn's allegiance,
he put a centaur in command for his own convenience,
what happened to our hallowed place?
the honor of the shokan race?
i must restore integrity,
and make hamburger of kahns face,
ill put him through his own persal hell,
and end shokan disgrace