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  • Don't take rep seriously....if you are getting neg rep, maybe you are not making good posts? I don't know why you have been getting it because I have not seen the posts that you have gotten neg repped for but you shouldn't let other people's opinions push you away. Ignore rep. Just make good posts =)
    Only the staff can see who it is. We do not disclose the names because it will start grudges and we don't want that.

    Rep can only be given out a certain amount of times per day so if someone reps you, that have to spread it to about a dozen other people before they can get you again, and they can also reach their max and not be able to give any out for 24 hours.
    Hi rondta, that means people have been giving you more bad reputation so you lost more points.

    Honestly, you shouldn't worry about it, they are just coloured squares in a forum =)
    I'll take the female scorpion for xbox to instead of reptile. whatever you have is appreciated. i just read your pose :) xbox 360
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