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Please don't give me negatie points for posting
this her,e but it's the only forum I figured it would fit in
without being too much off topic.

Noob-Saibot Poem

Even though my soul is tainted,my selfless
life has finally ended. A wraith is what i'm
cursed to be, traveling over land and sea.
Take the smoke and make it mine, build my
army over time. Sent me not to burning hell,
but sent me to the Nether-realm.

Take it easy on me please. This is my first poem about a
Mortal Kombat character.
..Now where making poetry about Mortal Kombat... let me giive it a shot.


Robot I am, Lin Kuei I possess
My embers of steam they enjoy to caress
Allied by Sub-Zero, and captured by Kahn
I couldn't decipher which side I was on.

So now I stand, beside another
Who happens to be my allies brother
Dark and hidden, away from light
Waiting for the signal to fight

A little something-something.

I'd rate yours 7/10, because there was no rhyming. And I like rhyming.
they are very beautiful
it's a pity for me cause i have not enough vocabulary to make one, for a terminale L it is unaceptable!
sorry for me! but congratulations for you!
Hmmm.. not really sure where to put this Topic, So I guess it can stay here for now.

However, both of those were really good!


I was just doing my job
beating down those who rob
Then souls started flying
and I felt like crying
Then a big mean Centaur dude
was being very rude
So I gave him my donut
and we became friends...

Hehehe.. I know the last one doesn't rhyme, but true poetry doesn't have to..
Haha I like that Malitor, especially the last.. let me try a few more (Poetry is a form of artwork):

Goro -

Four arms I wield
I assist my master
Killing the threats
That bestow my master
Don't touch me there.

I got bored of it...

a race long since dead
i still raise my head
and smear walls of my lair my enemies' RED
but my brothers are gone
and before too long
it will be all i can do to just scuttle along
genocide aside, de-evolution to ride
the laws of nature i must abide
and in the end, my face i shall hide

good lord....... dont get me started on this poetry thing....... we'll all be done for.
I like the poems. Some heartfelt for the characters, some just funny. I'll try one:

Johnny Cage-

My skills are natural and I'm no fake.
Yes, I'm a jokester, but give me a break.
I got into something and I had to help defend.
Little did I know it would be my end.
Boy was I heading above, heaven I could see.
Something occured and I had another chance to live.
I guess that occured, because it was meant to be.
Oh well,
I must help save earth again from what could be hell.
Maybe then I could prove that I am great in what I do.
Yes, that will have to do.
it is hard but i will try!

i am li mei, a girl of outworld
i was in the tournament of quan chi
but his true goal was put me
in his momified army
i was saved happily
by master bo rai cho
i knew others good warrior like sub zero
tarkatans hordes invaded villages
an if we don't react, it will be for ages...

it is a bit little but it is sweet,no?
I liked it fan de tanya. It rhymed (Even though poetry doesn't need that) and it went along with her story. Good job!
yours is good also
but when you say "poetry doesn't need" to hrym? are you sure
if it is the case it is poems in "prose"

i will try again!

i am sub zero
brother of noob saibot
grandmaster of the lin kuei and hero
i travelled through the realm
in order to save earthrealm
i trained and formed frost
but unhappily she betrayed me and died
it was a great lost...
i put her in a sarcophage
found a new armour...
it was a new begginning for my humour!*

I was saying most poems that don't rhyme are good also, because I didn't want anyone to think that I feel poems must rhyme. I tried to make my Johnny Cage poem good. I'm glad you like it.
:) thank you malitor. i must say im happy to see this is going so far. i didnt think anyone would take to the poetry thing deadskull started. but its going well. nice one deadskull
Been gone for about a week but i'm back.

Thanks to every one who liked my poem
and nice 8) poems every one who posted some.

Here's my Sub-0 one I wrote after I posted the Noob one.


My frozen past is but a blur ,from wher I did not lead but
serve, am not a ninja, but Lin-kue, but sought to be
Grand-Master one day, my allies students and allies
may die, but I shall fight to stay alive, so now I take
this mighty name, from older brother long been slain.
Through Mileena's Eyes

A Clone
In the shadows watching Kitana on the Throne.
I'm hungrey for her blood
To throw what will be her lifeless corpse in the mud
To drain her with my sai
and make her look in her killers eye
As she withers and begins to die
Then everyone will see
It is I whom will be
Destructions key...

All hail Princess Mileena
i did a poem about my created character!

i am red,tanya's brother
i fought tarkatans hordes ans saved her
but baraka made me prisonner
i was imprisonned in kahn's tower
met him and made him an offer
he couldn't refuse
baraka was very confused
i fought him, it was with pain
but i won and let him lain
on the ground
tanya and me
were free
and live happily
in edenia...
i love this thread.... i must revive it.

Shang T'sung

Ancient souls shall i uphold,
within my own? nothing but cold.
and for all my power, my concience was sold.
Sometimes i look old, sometimes in my prime,
but my eminence and power transcends time.
Sometimes i look young, thanks to heroes unsung,
sometimes my defender takes lives with his tongue.
and from my time as a servant,
to my time as a master,
thanks to my greed, my life ended much faster.

With all of my might, i tried to keep what i won,
But all was forgotten with the rising sun.
For I am Shang T'sung.

i am big
and freakin strong
the 4 armed guy
in the black n red thong
i got more wives
than playboy's hugh
ive died more times
than jesus too!

tadaa, pure shakespeare :D