Official MK Poetry Thread

sorry for the double post, but i do love this thread. plus i have a good idea

what if sub zero had never escaped?
what if the master befell a different fate?
along with comrades he sought to leave behind
the end of his natural life he'd eventually find
gears and circuits would then power his battle
no more icy blasts from his skilled handle
instead the speed of machinery's force
a human future once lost, never more

if the grandmaster fell
Let me try:


The clock tower shakes the village
Sounds once heard, now cease
I look outside my dusted window
Too look amongst the empty crease

The howling wind scares all but rover
Whom creeps outside the bar
My breath he sees with wondering eyes
And points near me afar

I hide behind my only shelter
Hoping that I was not seen
This man he stares and squints his eyes
And then begins to scream

I could not hear what rover said
Instead I plugged my ears
And then the man tossed a rock
Striking me with fear

I looked outside to see the man
He was not there however
Instead was word that haunts me now
And that one word was forever
Noob Saibot

I miss the good old days,
when all the snow stays,
I was Sub's bro,
now i'm his foe.

My opponent fell,
he went to hell,
he's reached the mass,
of kissing @$$.
I thought this thread dissapeared, I didn't notice it became an Offical Poetry thread.

Shang Tsung

Take the souls and make them mine,
build my powers over time.
Help from sorcerer named Quan-Chi,
from the nether realm is he.
Biuld an army all my own,
take the realms and Shao Kahn's throne.

Earthrealms final and last stand,
a thunder god dies be my hand.
But victory shall be short lived,
by Dragon King I'll soon be dead.
Reach for the prize, he said

Follow until the end of the path

But that was long before I bled

And now laying here, thoughts running throughout my head

All I can distinguish is red...

- Liu Kang LOSING
in the last moments of the match
my opponent hopes for a comeback
futile are his efforts to thwart my attack
soon through his neck i'll hack

he knows it's over now
the dark backgound has fallen
he just waits helpless wondering how
his fatality will be chosen

a quick button sequence brings the red red kroovy
and even the loser must admit his death was pretty groovy


All i am is a bunch of souls,
Specialy made by an evil goul,
I pick you up with my hand,
make it so you never land,
in MKD i where a thong,
That's the end of my song!


wow!I suck at ryming!
i challenge you to mortal kombat

that is all i want to do

when we start,i jump and attack

then i throw my sword,which goes right through you

once you're down a voice says "finish him"

my hands turn into scythes and i chop off your limbs

that kinda stunk cause it took me a minute to make it so...ya...

Born of ice and die with flames.
My sword has cut countless names.
Being chased by cyborgs.
They're trying to make my mourge.
Making friends with another one.
Who I want to be my hun.
She tried to take my medallion.
I watched her freeze like my dead stallion.
Come back with my new armor.
Shooting down stupid farmers.
I have come to help the Thunder God.
As he raged war with the evil S.O.D (Son of a D1(K)
Killed by 3 people in endings.
Saw me punished for my offendings.
I will return with my cold ice
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Woot, nobody's done a Scorpion one:

I throw my spear,
Yelling 'GET OVER HERE.'
You're dazed and confused, like you're hung over
As I pull the rope, dragging you right over.

As I saw Raiden kill Tsung and Quan Chi,
I thought to myself, my nemesis is dead. Whee!
But as Onaga came back from the past,
The elder Gods took me in, a hero at last.

Born and raised in Earthrealm,
it seems like I come from the Netherrealm.
Earthrealm also bore a kombatant, Shujinko
and he thought he was Onaga's foe.

Deafeated was I in the Nexus allowing Onaga to take the Kamidogu,
He left the fool Shujinko with me in there, me wanting to kill Jinko.
As this tournament was held of Deception,
I knew I was the only one that could win.

I defeated the Dragon King with ease,
Knowing that I was the one for the Elder Gods to please.
As I live on through the realms searching for my foe,
I will someday defeat Sub Zero.