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I don't normally give anime with 100+ episodes a shot anymore
but I'm gonna give Fairy Tail a shot. or is it Tale? I swear i remember making fun of the fact they spell it with tail.
I tend to take my sweet time when watching anime, lol I guess that's why I don't have a problem with lengthy anime especially considering I can keep track of them well if I like them enough.

I'm not watching all of One Piece regardless though lol. 100-200 episodes is already enough but 500+? I'm straight on all that lol.

@Critical- It's Tail xD my stepbrother watches it so that's how I know.
I think it's the art that turns me off to clannad and when i read the description it sounds super boring.

maybe one day... in the future... i'll give it a shot only cuz YunQ delivered me the diamond of Code Geass.
I just noticed Metal used ^_^
Times done changed lol

Yeah you right Critical. Just say the time and place I'll be there
someone good at doing graphics?

we should pick an anime we've all watched. And discuss it. or most of us have watched that have skype access.
I'm sure there is. first lets find some that you and yung have watched together. and i'll comment if i've seen it.


we could all triple team on a anime, and then trade opinions.

for viewing purposes. Shitty animes are the best to debate. Because there is so much to make fun of.