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Yantja, OVAs are basically like anime made exclusively for home video (DVD, VHS).

They can be bonus episodes, continuations to TV series, prequels, side stories, even whole series as was the case for Golden Boy and Tenchi Muyo.

In Angel Beats' case though, it's a bonus episode.
the sound fx that pop in any time the nurse moves :rofl:

edit: I've never seen so much uncontrolled ani-boob action in my life! I need a dime anytime I see a tit smack a chin during dialog.
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Riko :rofl:

If I had a dime for every time I've seen a panty shot in an anime I would make Bill gates look like a beggar
Basically, it's kinda like a samurai/drama anime of sorts with a teenage girl named Chizuru as the main hero

She basically went on a quest to find her missing father and was almost killed until the Shinsengumi (one of them in particular being the character in my avi) came in and save her. They then take her in (at first, it was more like they kidnapped her since they were going to kill her at first until she told her story to them) and in exchange for her life being spared, she has to stay with them and learn how to defend herself (they give her a sword)

That's just the beginning of it anyway haha
You just couldn't stay away from a Samurai Champloo sequel ;)

I joke of course and that sounds really interesting. A girl learning how to fight instead of a adolescent high school kid. I'll give it a go