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Yes lol I swear you've seen everything before :laugh:

well it wouldn't be fair to say I've seen it, seen it. Because I only gave it a couple episodes.

I give almost everything a shot. Even gay/girly looking stuff.

The only ones I completely avoid are Yaoi.

Can't tell if that's a dude, or a girl in Metal's avatar, lol.

that's because it's a girl trying to disguise as a dude.
Girl disguised as a dude?

**** that ho then.


I've been looking for avis for the past 30 minutes lol I've changed it more than that

I think I like this one though, could be a little bigger but whatever
lol oh ok, it totally seemed like because of shira's criticism of the chick in your avatar looking like a dude.

that you were like "time to change!"
I figured that's what you were thinking

Shira never likes my avis lol so I would never change it because of him or else I'd really never have the same avi
I like you sig
That's the only thing I could come up with. Still watching Monster, and critical I see you have the best female anime character like ever for your avi :love: