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you....irritate me.

And that added to this thread in what way? Pretty sure if I made that post I would've received an infraction.

Anyway, looking forward to Battlefield 3 as well. It's looking like it'll set the bar high for FPS games that follow.
Nope, can't say I have. That's what I said the only FPS "I" respect are those I listed. I'm sure there is some I've slept on but out of the games I've played those are my preferences.

Yeah because if you had played it, it would have been on your list. Half-Life pretty much made the physics engines you see in games today.
I'm a huge fan of FPSs but I agree COD has been going downwards since COD 4, I'll still get it and as every year I hope for improvement and of course I hope to see more customization options since I have a weakness for customization/creation in games XD
Haven't picked up a CoD since the first Modern Warfare...Thought I was done with the series, but this trailer got me totally hyped >:0
In all honesty, I would take Geist 2 over another COD ANY day.


Probably my favorite FPS on the Gamecube.
Sorry Battlefield 3 This Year,Sorry Guys.ALTHOUGH I Must Say At 1:00 Ghost?

And Yes I Have Had A Battlefield Game Before If Your Wondering Bad Company 1,2 1943
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I'm definitely more hyped for Battlefield 3 than MW3, in both offline campaign and online multi-player. But that is not to say that MW3 game won't deliver in single-player department. So I might get this eventually.

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought the MW2 campaign was nothing short of amazing. Despite its natural nuances, it had its epic moments, just like on MW. Although the same can't be said for the online multi-player aspect. Its still fun, regardless.

Either way, I honestly think BF3 is going to steal the show. And I will be buying that one first.
I swore I would never buy another crappy waste of money overpriced piece of crap COD game ever again... Then I saw London :O
It looks alright, but given the choice I think I'll take Battlefield 3. I used to play Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 in college all the time. We would just make a LAN on our side of the floor in the dorm and just play all night. Once I got into console FPS's though I started playing CoD. I can't say I dislike it as much as some of you, but I definitely don't get into playing online a lot. I did enjoy the campaigns of CoD4, MW2 and Black Ops. If MW3 is a continuation of the story then I could see myself getting it eventually.